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  1.  Best In The Game


    Staying true to his roots, this album is pure class. One of his best albums, surpasses Curtis.

  2.  Disappointing


    I'd recommend looking at some of his older films, a couple of these are decent but that's the best they get. Not on the same level as Nowhere To Run and Hard Target though.

  3.  Solid boxing flick


    I really enjoy boxing films, Raging Bull, Rocky's, The Boxer and the rest of them. So I had to give this a go and its very entertaining, especially interesting if you don't know too much about Muhammad Ali's career, Will Smith portrays the confident, stylish, witty boxer brilliantly.

  4.  Thoroughly Enjoyable


    A thoroughly enjoyable gangster film. One of the best in recent times I'd say. The acting is brilliant from everybody, especially Johnny Depp and Christian Bale. The Blu Ray quality is exceptional and the special features are interesting. Another piece of Michael Mann's work I love!

  5.  Classic!!


    An absolute cult classic! This film gets better and better as it gets older in some strange way. Its among my favourite ever films. It has everything, its funny, witty and stylish. Kiefer Sutherland is immense as head vampire David and the rest of the cast suit the roles perfectly. This is easily the best vampire film I have ever see. If that's not enough the blu ray quality is outstanding for a film in the late 80's and the soundtrack is simply brilliant. There are also lots of special features to dig into on this blu ray disc which will be brilliant for long time fans and newcomers! Get this film!

  6.  Great entertainment


    So The Rock took a similar approach to Schwarzenegger by using a sword wielding film to showcase his talents. It works brilliant as The Rock is great here as is Michael Clarke Duncan. The film has action, romance and a little comedy here and there making it an easy to watch film which is very enjoyable.

  7.  Seagals best


    This in my opinion is Steven Seagals best film, a classic action film. Great fight scenes, great story and good back up acting. If your an action fan or a fan of Seagal, you need to see this film.

  8.  Vintage Stallone


    This is a typical 80's action film, plenty of fighting and ass kicking (mostly dished out by Stallone) a basic story but it suits the character to the ground. For any 1980's/1990's action fans out there you need to add this one to your collection.

  9.  Solid film


    This is definitely one of Seagals better DTV releases. The fight scenes are great and the story is pretty good. You will need the subtitles on as there is both English and Japanese speaking in the movie. Overall I enjoyed it and so would most Seagal fans.

  10.  Its OK


    Im a Seagal fan so still watch most of his DTV releases. This is not bad, a decent story and plenty of fighting, but some of the fight scenes are pretty unrealistic. Still not a bad watch and worth a look for Seagal fans.