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  1.  A great Family fun film


    This film will be and always will be one of my favourite films of all time, the film has been generalised for both children and adults and most will find this an enjoyable film. The film for those who dont know the storyline is about toys, which are alive in andy's house and his birthday is taking place when woody (cowboy) see's that andy's got a new favourite toy woody decides to dispose of Buzz (andy's) new favourite toy. Woody decides he must rescue buzz and on the way the become best of friends from woody trying to rescue buzz from there next door neighbour SID, a kid out to destroy toys JUST FOR FUN!!!

  2.  One of the best films of all time lovingly restored


    Firstly this has to been one of the greatest films of all time from the writer who brought you James bond, Ian flemmings novel later created into a film is a masterpeice that has taken the world by storm, the film is appropraite for all ages and will appeal to most, the film doesnt get tiring and has been such a success that now the film has been made into a musical at many performing arts theatres. Fun for all ages and a real gem. Watch it you'll see what i mean.

    The picture quality has been restored superbly seeing as the film was made in 1968

    The sound is also fantastic

    Oh and dont forget you will get the Blu-ray disc and a Dvd in this special addition, for the price you can't go wrong

  3.  A film with not much plot but worth watching


    Although the film doesnt have much plot and neither makes sense at times many people will find that they will have at least the one laugh throughout this film, really not a bad comedy/horror film. Worth a night in to watch

  4.  Painful


    The film may be a low budget film but it lacks much of a storyline at all,just blood gore and nudity, really the only reason you'll want to pick this title up is if it was in a bargain bin at a very cheap price (rent before your buy)

  5.  Best mid range Blu-ray player on the market


    This has to be my favourite Blu-Ray player out of all the five i own, in the past i have bought Panasonics,Samsung,LG,Toshiba and Sony. Apart from the sony Bluray player they all lacked extra features. This Bluray player the Sony S370 has it all at a great price, the picture and sound quality is top notch and the initial setup is fantastically easy too. The only slight downfall is that this player does not come with wireless capability built in and the adapter is pricey, however it does come with an ethernet connection and you could also use a powerline connection.


    There are several features (applications) on this device which may come in use to you, list of services shown below

    BBC iplayer - Available now unlike other blu-ray manufacturers which quote coming soon (samsung in mind) Brings highlights of programmes you missed on BBC ONE

    Demand Five - Also shows programmes you missed on Channel Five

    Sky News -Watch all the latest News highlights and get up to date weather reports

    Lovefilm - Active on this player with a lovefilm paid subscription you can have access to over 4000 films instantly providing your internet speed is at least able to support 1mbps

    Sony Enterntainment televison - Gives you up to date entertainment news

    Eurosport - See all your favourite sports highlights (limited service at present)

    Youtube - This does happen to be a streamlined version and you cannot always find the specific video you are looking for but still handy to have.

    Blip.tv - Have not used this service

    Ford Models - Have not used this service

    Dailymotion- Very similar to youtube, a video sharing website, good for bits and peices

    Howcast - Again not used this servivce yet but it is up and running.

    Ustudio- A new service that has just come to the device which focuses on HD content

    Golflink.com - Access to your Golf sports

    Livestrong - Not used this service yet but up and running

    Lovefilm movie trailers - View the latest movie trailers (does not require lovefilm paid subscription

    Singing Fool - Again another new service just appeared onto the line up

    Podcasts - Listen to many podcasts on your Blu-ray device

    Videocast - Like the podcast application but with video and chat

    Tagesschau - Not sure what this service is at present

    Deutsche Welle - Not sure what this service is at present

    All these apps are preoloaded onto your device they are added automatically and at present there is no way of removing these applications either i hoped this has cleared up your mind on choosing this product over others