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  1.  superb


    I was amased to see these only having 3 out of 5 stars, what more can people want that these memory stick don't offer, huge memory, there quick, solid, and do exactly what there supposed to do, I have just ordered my 5th one of these, so if these are only 3 out of 5, what am I missing?????

    these are the best quality memory stick I have ever used, 3 out of 5 yeah right, im giving it a 5, they don't deserve any less than full marks.

    I recommened these to anyone.

  2.  i guess there ok, but shop around


    im quite particulate when it comes to headphones, like everyone else really, you want the best sound quality.

    these headphones are ok but i have had alot better to be honest, i very much doubt you could use these for dj-ing in a club, they simply dont throw enough power out, for there size you expect there is more to come but i get better sound quality out of the free headphones i got with my mobile phone, that is very true as well.

    i listen to dance music and use these to play on xbox late at night, for playing games these headphones are quite good, but they sadly lack any power when it comes to music, the base level is almost zero, when listening to music through my pc, which i will admit to being a very powerful pc, the base distorts through these headphones, its strange because it feels like the headphones really want to let go and blow your brains out but it simply doesnt happen im affraid, ive actually gone out and bought another pair of headphones today, which encouraged me to write this review.

    pros: they look smart, feel great and have a 3 meter cable, excellent build quality.

    cons: they simply lack sound quality, the base distorts more that you will believe, they look like they can handle some serious power but power is something they sadly lack.

    overall: there ok i guess, i wont be using them to listen to music much becase i like head splitting volume, with sound quality to match, these simply cant handle it, for Sennheiser im quite supprised, i feel very short changed to be honest yet there are companies selling these for twice as much as i payed, i payed 35.00, dont pay anymore

  3.  whats happened


    i bought this on release day last week and i have to admit, there are some really brilliant features but unfortunately, the lack of ability to tackle in defence lets this game down, you cant get close enough to an attacking player to get the ball back, you have to wait for them to either score, miss or fail a pass, the tackling is shocking, Im waiting for Pro Evo to come out and will be trading Fifa 2012 in, shame really because if the tackling was better it would of been a really good title, shame !!!

  4.  superb


    i have to say, this game is excellent, + its going on in the real world which makes it more realistic.
    The graphics are brilliant in HD, for online multiplayer, I cant play any other shooting game, this is so much fun once you get used to it, trust me some people are very good online at this, addictive online gameplay excists in this title trust me

    i would highly recommened this to anyone, much better than COD especially online