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  1.  Where to start


    Ok - so this game was dubbed to be THQ's big hitter amongst COD and MOH. Did it come up to the task? In some ways - it went beyond Modern Warfare and actually went for future warfare - the storyline was immersive - unlike any other storyline I have come across.
    Firstly - single player - yes it was short - but so was MOH and COD's so it isn't alone there and certainly shouldnt be slated for that. I do agree that some of the achievements are a nuisance and that some of the storyline stuff should have been made into cut scenes instead of bits of levels where you do very little! Single player - 2.5 marks of five.
    Multiplayer - so this actually led me to throw the game away, because connection to the servers was virtually impossible, but my girlfriend salvaged the game and it seems the developers salvaged the multiplayer cause boy is the multiplayer this games rabbit in the hat! Immense customisation, a unique BP system, and an array of vehicles and weapons for use make it unlike anything else I have played.

    I think if the single player was a bit more refined and less standing around doing not alot this game could have got all the way to five stars.

  2.  Better than Black Ops for sure!


    This is not as good as MW2 - and it is alot like the Battlefield games - but I think its fantastic - the story is pretty sweet - the online is good if not kinda hard to see opposition even with HD telly - but if your waiting for a new MW to come out then buy this in the meantime.

  3. Blur


    Xbox 360

    1 New from  £999.00  Free delivery

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     Brilliant adult racing . . .


    I agree with the adverts - this game is a racing game for grown ups!

    To be honest - I expected something a bit clunky and boxy like some of the crash and smash predecessors - but the cars are photo perfect and the damage is amazing. Tracks could be real life for all you know cause the graphics are that stunning.

    Now this game is by no means your usual racer - the power ups add a real strategic element to the game - you have to collect power ups cleverly and use them even more strategically to gain the most effect out of them and the most fans whilst racing for first.

    The strategy further continues because there is no point in steaming out into first and gaining a massive time advantage - this way you wont be able to use many power ups and wont be able to gain many fans - you need to be in the thick of it for a large part of the race then take first at the last possible opportunity to gain the most fans.

    This game really is not just race into the lead and stay there - its alot more than that!

  4.  Best Em album ever . . .


    In my opinion this would be Eminem's best album ever.

    He has dabbled in alternative styles and the furious anger portrayed in Relapse has disappeared replaced by a somber Em.

    There are some great songs - the Pink collaboration works perfectly and if that wasnt good enough jump forward a few tracks to the Lil Wayne collab and your onto one of his best for a while!

    It appears he is not getting older - just better! Even the cover art reflects a return to classic Eminem coming some where close to The Eminem Show and prior albums cover art.

    Maybe this album is a bit more mainstream than the darkness in the past few albums but it certainly shows a more mature Eminem.

    Honestly - Eminem back to his best for sure!!

    Who knows - maybe another Dirty Dozen album could be about soon?!

  5.  Instantly brilliant . . .


    Having never played Gears 1, I borrowed Gears 2 from a friend, and how happy am I that he lent it to me!!
    From the moment you turn it on its engaging - the game play is great, the control mechanism works well - the controls are very similar to Army of Two TFD (which was released well after and possibly based on??). Highly playable and addictive - it mixes fun tasks and challenging battles - skill and and stupidity have a place in this game.
    Play it, buy it, love it.

  6.  Unbiased honest review


    Ok, so I never played Army of Two 1 - but I bought this game to enjoy co-op with my mate online.
    The co-op play online is good, I have 20mb broadband and I have yet to have a problem with it.
    The weapons are good, and I love that having earnt a load of cash you can just go and blow it on weapons.
    My only criticism of this game is the cut scenes - less filler more killer I would say.
    I dont think it has a robust storyline, but then its a shoot-em-up classic(to be) that doesnt require a big story line, it requires big guns, big enemies, and lots of bog standard shooting required.
    Maybe not a good game for the hardcore gamer who wants to get involved in the characters and story line - but a must have for some one who wants to get out there and just cause some havoc.

  7.  Awesomeness . . .


    I love this game almost as much as I loved L4D one - and I wasnt keen on the idea until I got persuaded to by L4D. Now, the game itself is some what longer - the chapters (on expert) as some what harder but the introduction of things like the defrib and melee weapons have added a whole new dimension to the team playing skills required to play this game effectively. Im not sure what i think to realism mode personally, but some hardcore gamers will appreciate it. I cannot wait for 'The Passing' DLC to come out as well as the retrospective chapter for L4D that is due. Let the good times ensue . . .