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  1.  Very, very good!


    I stumbled upon the trailer for this on youtube and thought it looked pretty good, and it is!

    The four stories are intertwined, you'll have to listen out (or look at the subtitles) to spot the names of the people who link each story.

    HAPPINESS is the story of a young girl, housebound after a car accident, who begins receiving text messages from an unknown source.
    TIT FOR TAT is pretty much a bullied schoolboy exacting revenge on those who bully him. The wekest of the four films imo.
    IN THE MIDDLE is my favourite. Four young guys on a camping trip scare each other with ghost stories. Then, following an accident, the stories become a bit too real.
    THE LAST FLIGHT tells of a lone stewardess accompanying a rather arrogant princess on a plane journey. Following the princesses death, the same stewardess has to accompany her body on the return flight.

    All in all a cracking film, the second story is a bit lacking and involves some pretty dodgy CGI, but they are all enjoyable stories.

    I'm off to buy Phobia 2 now :)

  2.  Dire!


    I couldn't find one redeeming feature in this film. Acting is atrocious, story is pretty much non-existent and its an absolute bore. Avoid like the plague.

  3.  Love it!


    I can only assume that thepathetically sad reviews stating tha this film is awful come from people with no sense of humour and a distinct lack of joy in their lives.

    The music is brilliant, the dancing even better. There are some pretty fine acors lending their hand to this film, including quite a few cameos from the original John Water's version. I rarely if ever like remakes, Im of the 'if it aint broke dont fix it' school of thought, but this is one of the excpetions.

    ll in all a great film, lots of laughs and, ok it didnt win any oscars, but it's just a great feelgood film. My teenage sons love it, which is quite an achievement as no-one is murdered and it isn't one of the Saw/Hostel/Zombie films they love so much.

    Just buy it and see for yourself.

  4.  Fabulous!


    When it comes to disaster movies this is the cream of the crop!

    It would take too long the describe how great this film is, listing it's plus points would take up far too much space. However ladies if you are in any doubt about this film let me just say these 5 words...Steve McQueen as a fireman!

  5.  excellent


    Im not a fan of teen romances, but gave this a go as Im a huge fan of Jennifer Coolidge.

    This is pure escapism with a story anyone over 11 can predict. But its good fun and there are a million worse ways to spend an hour and a half. Coolidge is brilliant as the wicked stepmother, and Hilary Duff is a much better actress than I would have given her credit for. Oh and Chad's quite easy on the eye too!

  6.  Impressive!


    Great film, suprisingly good!

    Im not a fan of Thora Birch but this film was recommended by a friend so I thought Id give it a go, Im glad I did.

    In truth this film is pretty much 'Hostel' on a train. The premise is much the same, group of dippy American youth's gets drunk in an Eastern European country resulting in them missing the train to their wrestling competition. An overly enthusiastic women offers a ride on the train she's taking and....well you can guess the rest.

    I guessed the 'twist' within 5 minutes of the train journey commencing, it's not rocket science. But its a really impressive film. The gore factor is pretty high, and the finale, although slightly unbelievable, was good.

    The only thing this film could have done without is the two highly irritating 'sidekicks' who seem to have no purpose other than to run around giggling, a kind of demented Timon and Pumbaa!

    All in all well worth a look, if you like the current trend of horror/torture movies you'll like this.

  7.  Overrated!


    This was released the year i was born and my Mam loves to tell me she almost went into labour whilst watching it. It was obviously deemed scary in the 70's!

    The story of a young girl 'possessed' by the devil himself is supposedly based on the true story of a young American boy in the late 1800's. The acting is mediocre at best (although Max Von Sydow is excellent as usual) and I think the whole film relies on 'shock' value rather than a decent story.

    Personally I think the most disturbing thing about this is the fact that a young child was allowed to act out some very explicit scenes with the blessing of her Mother. Thats the scary part!

  8.  Breathtaking!


    I hired this film this afternoon, wanted to watch it before I bought it. I'm gonna write this review, then order 'Precious' straight after!

    This is a truly horrifying story, which is based on several different women the author has encountered.

    Based in the 80's, Precious is the story of Clarice 'Precious' Jones, a 17 year old girl frequently beaten and tormented by her vile Mother Mary (Oscar winning Mo'Nique). As the film begins Precious is kicked out of school for being pregnant...again. However when a supportive maths teacher realises her potential, she is referred to an 'alternative' school where she begins to flourish. Her Mother, sadly, is not impressed demanding Precious leaves school and goes on welfare to support her. A particularly heartbreaking scene is when Precious's Grandmother brings Precious's Down Syndrome daughter (who she takes care of) home so that Mary can masquerade as a caring parent and grandparent to claim welfare for supporting the family. Her treatment of the child when welfare worker isnt looking is nothing short of shocking.

    As Precious's second child is born she realises that she has to improve her life. Her return home with her newborn son and the horrific scenes of violence meted out by Mary are simply heartbreaking to watch, I had tears streaming down my face.

    This is one of the best films Ive ever seen. When the eventual reasons for Mary's hatred of Precious are revealed it's still impossible to forgive Mary for the brutal treatment of her daughter, and whilst I didnt sympathise I did feel upset at her story.

    All in all a fantastic if uncomfortable film. Makes you think of the millions of children who endure this kind of treatment every day. Why Gaboury Sidibe didn't win an Oscar for her portrayal of Precious is beyond me. Buy this film!

  9.  Im your number 1 fan!


    As a huge Stephen King fan I was ecstatic when my favourite King book was finally made into a film. And it certainly doesnt disappoint!

    As a tradition author Paul Sheldon visits The Silver Creek Lodge to write the final chapter of the books in his 'Misery Chastaine' boddice-ripper series. A series he is now sick of writing. As Paul leaves the lodge for the journey home, a blizzard hits, and he crashes his car, leaving him unconcious at the wheel in a snowdrift. But luckily Annie Wilkes, Pauls number one fan, lives quite near, and she's only too happy to nurse him back to health. Annie loves Paul almost as much as she loves her favourite character, Misery.

    Annie takes Paul home, resets his broken legs and lovingly cares for him. Paul allows her to read his new 'untitled' book as a gesture of goodwill. However when she reads the profanity in it she forces Paul to burn the manuscript. As Paul slowly realises that Annie is becoming increasingly unhinged it becomes clear that he needs to escape. Especially since Annie is reading the latest Misery Chastaine book, the book where paul has decided to kill Misery once and for all........

    With Pauls agent and an aged police sherrif on the case Annie must keep Paul hidden, until he writes a book bringing Misery back to life.

    An absolute horror classic, this film will have you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. Just make sure to close your eye's when Annie finds out Pauls been out of his room. It'll only hurt for a second......

  10.  Not at all what I expected


    I watched this film (rather reluctantly) with my son, who is a fan of the graphic novels it's based on. And Im glad I did!

    I'm not usually a fan of the vampire/monster/creature feature genre, but this is a true exception!

    The town of Barrow in Alaska endures '30 Days of Night' each year due to the fact that the sun does not rise for a period of 30 days. The majority of Barrow's residents leave for that period, choosing to enjoy daylight in nearby Fairbanks. However a small band of die hard residents remain, choosing to be unofficial security for the town. But when a stranger turns up in the local cafe asking for 'rare meat' local sheriff Josh Hartnet smells a rat. Following the slaughter of a residents huskies, who are found drained of blood and the local power plants night guard being found minus his head the remaining residents realise that they have unwelcome visitors!

    The vampires, although excellent, are creepy rather than frightening, they speak in a strange kind of Slovak type language. The real horror comes from the claustrophobic scenes where the residents are forced to hide from the vampires. Choosing to stay together they must move quickly before the guests see them!

    Some genuine shocks and a few scenes that are incredibly tense make this a brilliantly enjoyable film. Quite bloodthirsty in places and with an original story this is well worth the purchase price. You'll love it!