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  1.  You can only fully appreciate the fun with a Kinect party!


    I'm not reviewing the technology of Kinect, I'm just going to say how much FUN it is! In addition to the supplied Adventures games, we bought Kinect Sports and Dance Central and invited a few friends around to play it. There were seven of us, male, female, ages ranging from 23 to 61, some of whom had no previous interest in video games. It was an absolute hoot, everybody had a go. It's a long time since we all laughed together so much! It's definitely not just for children, it's for anybody who has an inner child and doesn't mind making a fool of themselves. Just get one and have fun.

  2.  Technically stunning, but a derivative plot


    Well, if you want a state of the art Blu Ray title to add to your collection, look no further. But personally, I thought the plot was derivative. More than anything, I felt it was like Cameron's "Aliens" (an evil mining company in tension with caring humans led by Sigourney Weaver, with jarhead marines stuck in the middle), except with the roles reversed - this time the humans play the aliens who cause the mayhem. Brilliant eye candy and a good romp, but I didn't find my mind stretched by the storyline. In years to come, I suspect I will be pulling Aliens off the shelf to watch again in preference to Avatar . . .
    Five stars for technical presentation, two stars for storyline.

  3.  Broadsword calling Danny Boy . . .


    An absolute must have in any movie collection, and now in the best format. Real chemistry between a cast of fine actors, a cracking plot, stirring music, and Clint Eastwood's highest body count in a movie. A true ripping yarn.

  4.  Return of the true Sci-Fi Movie!


    I've always enjoyed true SciFi movies, with a storyline that says something about society, and even mankind, without just relying on spectacle. This is one of those films. Political comment, symbolism and humour, with a good helping of kickass action and fine special effects. In addition, some fine improvised acting gives it a real edge. A movie that makes you want to talk about its themes afterwards. And a great BluRay transfer too. An unreserved 5 stars from me.