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  1.  Are you serious ???


    Seven CD's in a neat little box set from a true master, and at this oh so small price, I feel like I'm stealing it, of course it's brilliant, we have heard it all before, and it's pure musical bliss !!!

  2.  Almost....


    This CD has good production and sound quality all things considered, but be careful, check the track listing, there are some songs missing that you would expect to see, but at this price, it's a must buy, stick it in the car and enjoy the drive.

  3.  One Of The Best !!!


    I put this CD in the car, and weeks later, it's still in the player, I think that says all you need to know.......

  4.  The Best Yet !!!


    This is the best Batman so far, the production is superb for both video and audio and Blu Ray delivers both brilliantly, one of the best disks I have seen and heard yet.

    Ledger is brilliant as I'm sure you have heard already, but with all the hype, I feared the worst, no worries though, his performance is worthy of the oscar award.

    The real surprise was Batman visiting the orient, I never saw that one coming, but the Hong Kong skyline in HD gives Gotham a real run for it's money, it's a winner !!!!!

  5.  As good as it gets.........


    If you don't own this, rectify it now, in my opinion it's the best music DVD available, and far better than the wembley gig on Blu Ray.

    With a mixture of the hard rock in the park, and then the 2nd disk containing the excellent small gig natural sounding set, it's pure musical bliss.

    At this price, just order two copies as one of your mates will surely steal it from you once you play it for them, if you are not yet convinced the Foo Fighters belong in your musical collection, this will sway you for sure.

  6.  Not all it could have been.....


    I missed this at the cinema, and waited for the DVD release before my laughs could commence, and laugh I did, although not as much as I had hoped, I found this movie quite entertaining and clever, but to be fair, my wife hated it and didn't laugh once, apart from at me, it's a guy thing for sure.

    There are some very good characters, and Tom Cruise plays a great part that could go on to other things, Stiller is as expected and delivers a good performance, Black to be fair is wasted, and never really gets pushed, but the star of the show is Downey, his role is a gem and makes the movie just better than average, although my score is just that.

  7.  Best album of 2008 !!!


    The title says it all, I honestly believe this is the best album released in 2008, it doesn't have a bad track on it, and the production is excellent, if you don't own it, buy it now and enjoy life.

  8.  COD4 is still the king !!!!


    Nothing good to report really, if you enjoyed COD4, then of course you will like this too, but there is nothing new to shout about, I felt the graphics were worse than COD4 and the single player game has all been done before.
    It's a good game, but I shall remain with COD4 for my online fun, don't get me wrong, it's good, but not brilliant.

  9.  Superb !!!


    I agree with everything thats already been said, the images on screen are fantastic, vibrant and rich in colour and detail.
    It sounds great and best of all, it's an entertaining fun family film as well, if you have a decent TV and a blu ray player, I doubt you will regret buying this.
    Only one small problem, I felt the packaging of the disc itself was a bit lacking for the price.

  10.  This made my sides ache !!!!


    I thought this film was going to be a real chick flick, but I was surprised, it was so very funny and no bloke could possibly watch it and not laugh out loud.
    Although not a stunning HD presentation, the disc is so full of extras that you kind of cut it some slack.
    It's been suggested that you should rent rather than buy, I wouldn't agree, if you paid money for this, you wouldn't be disapointed and you would watch it over and over again.........