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  1.  An excellent Stats book


    In sort it's a who won what at the nodern olympics since it started in 1896. It shows you all the medal winners and usually all the finalists / top 4 finishers and if it can the finishing time or score. It doesn't just do the main events or even just the ones at the current olympics it gives every single sport and disipline in that sport including the discontuned sports and events. The book gives a bit of information on the history of the sport in the olympics and tries to comment on every medal event (but doesn't always happen).
    Also included in the book is a Table off which country has won most medals overall and at each games. As well as a rundown on each games including the 1906 games thats not an official games.
    It's a well put together and is very complete. So if you are into your sports refernce books then this a must buy. If you want to know what happened at any of the olympic gamed then this is well worth getting.

  2.  History brought to life


    The book is based over 4 days leading up to the roman town pompeii and other surrounding towns get covered by the volcano, vesuvius. The Lead character has been sent from rome to deal with the aquaduct which has dried up and to replace the previous engineer who was looking after it goes missing. The story follows the aquaduct engineer well tries to fix it and try to find out why his predecessor goes missing. It also follows 3 other character who the engineer comes across, which are a freeman who owns a lot off the town and is corrupt, as well as a young lady who is his daughter and a elderly scientist (for the people into roman history is Pliny the Elder). The book is very well written and keeps intrested all the way through. It brings the ancient city of pompeii and surrounding area alive and puts a real touch to it. It involves real people, places and other information found in pompeii into the story. It is a brilliant read for people into history and not into history alike.

  3.  A very enjoyable and exciting read


    This a well researched book with a lot off action through out the book. It involves 2 main characters, 1 is centurian who has been in the army for a while and the other is young lad who has just been made optio (his assistant) to the annoance of his fellow soliders and is a bit wet behind the ears. The book is based around the build up to and roman invasion off britain itself. It involves fictional characters like the 2 main characters as well as some real life characters which are mainly the leaders. Simon Scarrow brings the characters to life and makes them relistic as well as making the book a very enjoyable and exciting read. I found this a good bed time read, as in the chapters are a nice length to just pick up and put down at anytime. Not that I really wanted to put it down because I really enjoyed it and I'm really looking forward to reading the rest in the series.

  4.  Very enjoyable and well your money


    This was a very enjoyable book, and brought the town to life even for someone who hasn't been there (yet). It was well written and went into everything you can imagine and more, about what went on in the town, the buildings, the objects and monuments, to who lived there and what they did as well as who ruled and how the town was run. If you are into any history and especally how people lived in the past this a very good book.
    I think this would be a brilliant guide/pre read for anyone who is planning on going to pompeii as well, which is one reason why I bought because I am going there and think is well worth reading before.

  5.  A brilliant reference book


    This is well presented and full of information. If you've bought any of the previous almanacks you know what your getting, but for those who don't here goes. This is not your typical trivia book, full of ALL the winners of the FA Cup and ALL the presidents of the United States which you will need for a typical pub quiz. But it's still full of facts and information. There is still pub quiz type things in there, like the kings and queens of England, Scotland and Great Britain/UK. As well as giving you information on the countries of the world (Leader and flags as well as such things as climate and terrain, for example).
    But the things that this book has that most AtoZ's don't have is information on organanisations, sports bodies and charties and societies for example. This book comes out with information on the royal family (finacial details, military titles as well as selected family tree's), the peerage, parliment (including all the 2010 general election results, the european parliment results and the all the regional goverment results), law and order, education, health, social welfare, religion, the enviorment, heritage, banking and finace, and the media, as well as much more.
    There's also a section called 'the world' with gerneral information and figures. They have a similar thing on time and space. A section on The Year 2009-10, which tells you about the year in diffrent area's archaelology to opera. The book finishes off with a general reference section with weight and measures, the periodic table, nobel prize winners and abbreviations.
    That sums up roughly what's in the book. It is well written, researched and put together. It is a brilliant reference book and I'm glad I spent my money on it.

    P.S. My cover is different. I did get it somewhere else but it has the correct ISBN number and the correct number of pages, so you should get the same information.

  6.  A very good cover


    After looking through the various cases for the to protect and keep my brand new iPod clean, I found this one. It looked good, felt nice and looked like it was up to the job of protecting my new pride and joy. And to date I havn't been dissappointed. I fit's the iPod well, feels nice and has access to all the ports and controls. It's easy to access the screen when you want to. If I had the option to buy a cover again, I would go for this again straight away.

  7.  The best music player around


    I've just bought this to replace my old iPod Nano, which I managed to crack the screen and thought that was a good enough excuse as any to buy a new iPod. But instead of buying a new nano I bought the full whack even if the nano is brilliant and I'm not dissapointed with this at all.

    As everyone is probably well aware compard to the old walkmans which usually complently ate up your tape and the discmans which scratched your CD's to bit's and/or made your CD jump so you couldn't listen to it unless your player was completly still. The MP3 player was a great thing because it just play's your music with out any problems and you can fit it your pocket. Now the iPods are in my opion the best around, they play well and are made well.

    Now compard to the Nano apart from the 152 extra GB which gives you chance to have your COMPLETE music and podcast collection (unless you got the world's biggest music collection), as well being able to have space for your films and pictures as well. The picture quality is better than the Nano as well on this (if you haven't had a nano then it is very good for a small portable device and better than my 1st TV I bought.

    You don't get the iTunes CD with this product, it direct's you to download this which for me is not a problem, but as I had a nano that was not a problem for me either. So if you don't have access to the internet, be warned!

    Now I believe this is the best music player around and if you get a good docking station then you don't need much else. I would reccomend this to everyone, but If you don't want to store all your music (Maybe just yout top 1100 or so songs and podcasts) or something a bit cheaper then I would go for the Nano. But this is the best one.

  8.  The Greatest show on earth


    It was a very intresting book and is full of information. The book is very complete, well researched and well layed out.It's a very intresting book and well worth reading if your into science, evolution, nature or just want to know more about evolution because it does give's you all the evidence and imformation of evolution that you will need.

  9.  A brilliant football yearbook


    As per usual the sky sports yearbook is very comprehensive and plenty of detail. It gives you the winner's and league tables of all the major compition's in Britain. As well as all the results for all the top flight club compitions in England and Scotland. The welsh cup, all the european cup's and and the World Cup (including qualyfying). It also gives lot's of other results, tables and history other nations league results, selected woman's results, other international trophy's and many others. It also gives you a directory of all scottish and engliash league clubs. There also round ups, obituaries, records and fixtures.
    This is a brilliant football refernce book, it's well layed out and is probably the best football reference book around.

  10.  Classic film


    This is not just Brilliant film or one of the best film's around. It's a true classic and up there with the top contenders for the best movie of all time. Now being a german film it is in subtitles which might put off some people, but trust me it's worth it and being german, in german and acted by german's it add's to the feel and the story of the film. The other thingd that help make this a great film apart from being a true story, is it's well written script, brilliant acting, it's vived, compelling and gripping. I don't think I have to explain what the film is about, so I just say it's a brilliant film and one of the best war films of all time.