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  1.  Amazing


    What a fantastic film. A cross between Under Siege and Die Hard. Great performances from all. A great set design of the White House and exterior. Very action packed as you would expect from a film like this especially the sequence of the White House being infiltrated about 15-20 mins long and very clever. Good fight scenes. A must buy for any action fan.

  2.  Disappointing


    I felt disappointed,let down and tired after watching this film, it was confusing. The fight scenes were about 30secs, the story was all over the place and the big stars(actors) wern't in it much. About 5 people walked out the cinema 40mins into the film. I was falling asleep.

  3.  Great film


    Totally agree with the first reviewer. Bought this as really enjoyed the first and a fan of Michael Jai White recent martial art work. Storyline very simillar to the first and a couple of references aswell. I must admit the acting from the fighters was pretty good and some amazing fight scenes. Didn't think MJW was going to be in it much(as he directed it aswell) but was in it most of the time and was great. Some good camera angles aswell. Well done MJW and rest of cast.

  4.  Entertaining


    This movie is very entertaining. The acting of Cuba Gooding Jr. and Cole Hauser make this movie good. The story is nice, there are only a few lines the writers could have had a second look at, but it is bearable, and the action is good.The movie has something of Collateral,but is much more fun. I don't understand some of the bad reviews, you just can't go wrong with this movie, it is little gem.

  5.  Snipes is back on top form


    What a fantastic film.Wesley has been doing the usual flop-busters like the other earily action stars,but this film makes up for it.Good storyline,great acting and brilliant fight sequences from Wesley and other cast members.I agree with the 1st reviewer and their comments. It looks as tho Wesley has worked very hard on this film and thumbs up to him.Hope you get out of prison soon to continue the great work.

  6.  Loved it!!


    I thought this film was great.The acting,the story,the locations and the camera angles.Plenty of action.One of Dolph's best I recon.Keep up the good work

  7.  Brilliant


    Thrilling erotic adventure with some of the best acting we've seen out of Amanda Seyfreid to date! The direction lulls you in to a wild ride as more of the plot is revealed. MUST SEE. It was so enjoyable to see Toronto finally shot AS TORONTO. It is also noteworthy that Liam Neeson courageously filmed a portion of this movie after the tragic death of his wife. With wild twists and turns. Also, keep an eye out for the up and coming actor Max Theriot. He's going to be someone to look out for. Julianne Moore also rings in a great acting performance with her great control of a woman who's life begins to spiral out of control.If you like suspensful thrillers and beautiful sights this is for you

  8.  A good shot at a British gangster film


    Compared to the most recently produced British gangster films Baseline was a well casted film with a decent storyline,The performances were very solid from all the cast, a few familiar faces cropped up which was nice to see, Dexter Fletcher, Jamie Forman Gemma Atkinson and Zoe Tapper. Most actors gave very strong performances throughout the film as did all the supporting cast but i felt the lead character Danny could of been better i felt there was no convincing or emotion to the audience like he was just reading what was on the script.Felt Jamie Foreman should of played a funny crime lord like other characters he's played.
    Apart from the predictability in parts Baseline achieved what i expect from a British gangster film, it had plenty of violence and a scary, knuckle-duster brandishing crime lord who wants his money.

  9.  Fantastic!!!


    Ive just watched this and wow.What a film.Uwe Boll isn't really well known for directing good movies but he has done a brill job here.I tend to find in some parts of the film i get the message its a bit political and thats why the main character is going on this 'Rampage'.If you are easily disturbed by innocent people getting shot for no reason then this isn't the film for you.Outstanding acting,brilliant storyline and lots of shooting,blood and explosions and stunts.Also the music was brilliant for the film and hope maybe a soundtrack comes out or a release of the end credits score at least.