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  1.  pathetic


    i was really really disappointed with this game. so disappointed with it that i put it on e-bay after 48 hours. they were supposed to take MW2 and make it better. instead they made it a million times worse. such a shame as I was expecting great things. its annoying that they made so much money out of it.......

  2.  very nice


    bought this on platinum and thought it was great. however, the assassins creed games are all starting to look and feel a bit samey. i think they will have to start introducing something new, if they do want to keep the franchise going. that said, the ability to call assassins was a very nice feature - i just thought the rest of the game felt very much like previous versions of the game. feels more like an expansion pack than a new game.

  3.  very very good, but not an all time great


    i thought this was a very good game, but there wasnt quite enough to it to make it 4 or 5 stars in my view. i think this is one that is probably good value for money on platinum but i probably wouldnt want to have paid full price for it.

  4.  online is awesome


    all about the multiplayer. massively addictive, highly playable and will give you hundreds of hours worth of fun.

  5.  brilliant


    i absolutely loved this game. never really tried out the multiplayer properly, but loved the campaign mode and played it a couple of times, so thought it was a worthwhile investment. great graphics, smooth gameplay and the nano suit is wicked.

  6.  amazing


    i actually think duckondrugs summed it up nicely. this aint no COD MW2. its a completely different type of game. its about teamwork, its about patience, its about tactical thinking. COD is awesome, but the running around shooting does get a little boring. i think BF3 offers a lot more and therefore, it will probably be more playable over time.

    VOIP is genuinely useful and important for teamwork, not just for shouting abuse at people (i remember this from the old BF2 on the PC).

    and finally, there is a lot to do.

    just base jumped off a 500m high cliff, parachuted down into a town, took out a target with my AK47 just as i was about to land, and then ran for cover once i was on the ground. pretty awesome stuff.

    helicopters and tanks are cool. havent tried jets yet, but i remember they were awesome from bf2 (even if a little hard to control).

    it takes some adjusting to after 2 years of playing MW2, but its feeling better and better by the minute.....

    UPDATE: ive now been playing this game for another 24 hours, and am quite frankly blown away now ive started to settle into it.. still not touched single player but the depth of the multiplayer is unbelievable. ive cancelled by MW3 pre-order for now and might wait until it goes to platinum. i fear another 'black ops' experience - £40 down the drain because its just a re-badged MW2. BF3 has genuinely taken things to another level and created a new experience - i reckon this will last a good 6 months before i start getting tired of it and thinking about other games....

    this game is HIGHLY recommended.