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  1.  Okay, this isnt all DLC but not far off...


    Xbox Live Connection is required for this indeed, it delivers some very cool tracks, including Benchmark Circuits (great for tag), Sidewinder Circuits (some really nice custom tracks) and my personal favourite...the Nurburgring Grand Prix Circuits which is awesome, it does feature 7 of the DLC Car Packs, just misses out car pack 8 which is 400 points (4.25 minimum payment for 500 points) from the game markeplace so the cars this does NOT include is the Ford Sierra Cosworth R500, Mercedes Benz Evolution II, Delorean DC-12 etc. but features hundreds of new cars and for 15 quid is a bargain might want to mention aswell a minimum of 5 Gigabites of Hard Drive space is a must to install the 2nd disc and DLC but all in all the most amazing driving simulator since PGR4 do buy from here and enjoy =]

  2.  Based on BETA


    I think the game is absolutely astonishing looking, the graphics as afore mentioned are beautifully designed and the Crytek engine works wonders. My concerns however relate to the fact that me and a few of my friends have discovered that it freezes whilst matchmaking here and there, its quite the inconvenience, and its more frequent than worth enduring, and that jump button response times are are fickle, either that or it is supposed to be like that due to the NANO suits, either way I have pre-ordered and i am hoping for these problems to be resolved by the release.=]

  3.  Waste of Money


    Simple as this, a lot of people say the online is amazing and thats where its at, yeah i will admit, it is awesome online but there are a couple of problems with it. Let's start with the fact that you start with 3 classes each with an unlockable 3 guns....thats 9 guns, then you unlock the veteran versions, which are completely useless. Also there are only something like 5 or 6 maps, then 3 on the Combat Mission game mode, they say they will release DLC but lets be honest, you should have them with the game.

    Now Single Player.....terrible, slow, buggy and very disappointing from Dice, I expected something like Bad Company 2, unfortunately this isn't it, and the Battlefield 3 Beta isn't BF3, it is the extension to Battlefield 2: Bad Company 2 entitled Vietnam and quite simply should just wait for Vietnam or stick to your guns with Bad Company 2 or buy Black Ops.

    All in all you want some easy Gamerscore, wait on the price drop and purchase this, but like I said for near 40 pound this is terrible. The gameplay isnt smooth, but the graphics are OK,nothing special.

  4. Colma


    Buckethead - CD

    7 New from  £6.75  Free delivery

     Top 10 Albums Of All Time


    This is for all those who have said Buckethead has no "emotion" in his music, this full virtuoso masterpiece is entirely played on a clean setting with no distortion, and loads of delay. With some of the most beautiful songs in the world in my opinion, including For Mom, Whitewash, Ghost Part 1 & 2 and Wondering. And for the die hard fans the shred masterclass Big Sur Moon. Can be purchased from an American retailer new at a great price. Don't miss this some very amazing tracks to learn for those learning guitar. Buy this album and support Buckethead.

  5.  Immerssive!


    One of my personal Satch favourites, Mind Storn which to my knowledge is the first time i have heard Satch use a 7 string guitar and be so aggressive! Also has 7 string sweep picking in the solo, the Journey is another classic track here with a very upbeat sense to it, to all people who have never heard Satch, do yourself a favour and buy an album for the love of God, would recommend youtube to preview Mind Storm, Crushing Day, Ice 9 or Down,Down,Down for the blues lovers inconclusively!!

  6.  Yep You Guessed It.....5 Stars!


    Its a Paul Gilbert album, its new and fresh (2010) and it features the usual techniques on display, for familiars of the Curse of the Castle Dragon track, there is the appauling shredwork introductory track, The Fuzz Universe which is absolutely incredible. Also includes some serious funk sounding similar to that of Steve Vai, or more popularly Joe Satriani. One of the best albums ive heard in the last decade and a must buy for those looking for a new sense of direction in your guitar skills or just simply need inspiration, a great virtuoso (Guitar Instrumental) album for anyone!

  7.  1st Review?


    What I can say about an album this good featuring the Legendary Guitarist that is Randall Rhoads, great album, great value and I can safely say when I was stuck for inspiration I found Randy a breath of fresh air even to this day. S.A.T.O. is one of the best tracks here with some beauty radiating from all the band and tracks like Over The Mountain just blow me away! I'll tell you what... At 4 pound it is a steal!!!!!!

  8.  Pretty Decent Beat 'Em Up Action!


    I would like to start at the good points of the game,
    1. Visually Beautiful Moves and Specials
    2. Very Nice Array and Selection of Characters(including hidden characters!)
    3. Great move selection and an interesting style of fighting
    4.Like Street Fighter as obvious a statement as that is however brings a new element to it by adding the amazing Tag Battle Combos and Specials!
    Bad Points
    1. Non Interactive environments
    2. No real FMVs like previous Capcom titles
    3.Not particularly amazing in terms of length
    4.And finally there could have been more popular characters in this like Albert Wesker(Resident Evil), Dante(Devil May Cry) or something!
    All in all an amazing beat em up for the wii and worth buying at this price also a very smooth online fighting server!

  9.  An Excellent Buy For An Astonishing Price!


    This is for the retro fans or quite simply for people who just loved Pac-Man and simply miss the little yellow fellow. For the price you would pay for these games on X-Box Live Arcade and then there is the price here, you will find yourself alot better off. A lot of people who also purchase these titles find it difficult to unlock the achievements and like I was, are confused how. Well you just need to finish your play through on the title, for example run out of lives. And there is a massive 1800 gamerpoints to be scored here I simply say it is a must have for any retro lords or anyone looking for a quick bit of old school fun!

  10.  Outrageously Slick


    Metal, Sweeping, Shredding Virtuoso album from the Angra and Austrian Death Machine legend himself, words can't describe how quick this guy is on the guitar.

    If you are a true metal virtuoso lover like myself then you will find this is right up your alley, or even if you are in need of inspiration, then look no further than Rusty Cooley.
    P.S. Can't believe nobody has wrote a review here or on Angra albums. Disgraceful.