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  1.  Fantastic game!


    i absolutely love this game its made me come back into liking gaming because i went off it for a while, its like true crime on the old ps2 but better. its story is brilliant and intense! its so addictive and fun to play its hard to get off once your on it and there is plenty to do aswell. The graphics are brilliant! i want a second one to come out already! i prefer it over GTA 4 too!

  2.  outstanding


    i dont know why you only gave 4 stars the person below me it deserves 6 stars,
    it just does literally get better and better with every passing series i heard they are stopping in like 2012 please dont do it i love it too much :| cartman is a reason to love south park by himself he is just an amazingly funny character and makes it all the more funny

  3.  wow


    im amazed how it can just get better each time like the person below me said its just unreal i love this tv programme so much its just brilliant one of the best and you should defanatly buy this !!

  4. Shrek



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     one of the best


    animated films made also shrek is a fantastic film and the first of the trilogy possibly the best also everyone should love this and i would reccomend it to anyone

  5.  its really great american dad


    and like people say dont compare to family guy even if its the same creator they are 2 completely differant programmes even though they seem similar this is absoulutely hilarious also i love this stan is funny as and you should defanatly watch it!

  6.  brilliant haha


    i didnt think this was a dvd untill i saw it the other week i love these episodes there hilarious well and truely i love it and its funny what butters does at the end of it too 5/5 south park is just unreal

  7.  great much better than i thought


    this is a great movie i love it and its much better than i expected the music in it is also really greaat especially the song at the start bad day better than the original imo 5/5

  8.  Amazing


    one of the best animated films made its brilliant my half brother loves this unbeliavbly much he is obsessed but im not suprised its a really good movie i like it too worth a watch

  9.  love it


    brilliant underwater animated film like finding nemo this is really great i love it and its funny defanatly worth a watch dont know what else to say but brilliant and you should buy it

  10.  omg i love south park so much


    south park i think might of just passed my love for family guy because of cartman he is just such a legend he is incredibley funny i cant believe how awesome south park is its got to be watched by everyone! you will love it defanatly buy this and this is one of the best seasons aswell