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  1.  Exactly what you need for watching from phone to TV


    I had originally bought a non Samsung cable and it kept cutting off the wi-fi when connected. So i sent it back for a refund and purchased this official Samsung cable. It works perfectly and displays everything from the phone onto the TV. The wifi works fine and I am able to stream shows etc on the phone that shows direct on the TV. Good price too for this cable so buy this one if you are after an MHL cable for Samsung Galaxy S2.

  2.  Best COD Yet


    I am surprised to see the negative views on this game. I think it is the best COD yet. COD 4 was always the one to beat and i think with all the new game modes, fixes from MW2 and zombie mode this is the top of the list now.

    The single player is enjoyable, has a good story like a holywood movie with twists. The vehicle additions are done very well and I found it a more enjoyable story that MW2.

    The multiplayer is amazing. I like the the new COD points system, the weapons seemed well balanced and killstreaks controlled. The game modes additions are great and even offers basic modes of the common games like barebones team death match.

    MW2 was overrun with campers, glitches etc and Black Ops seems to have solved most of these problems. Clearly there will always be campers but there are not as many in this COD. The crazy perks are gone too (commando) and now they all work like they are meant too.

    I have to agree with another reviewer who stated anyone who rates this game as 2 star or less is clearly a camper, sniper or a knife person from MW2 who just ran around the map using commando. It is similar to COD 4 (the best COD until this) only made better with all the extras.

    The maps are also very good and range from small to very large. he zombie mode is excellent as well and great fun with your mates. Zombies was always better than what MW2 offered and is a great addition with new zombies, bigger maps and new guns.
    I recommend you buy this game as it is the best COD and 3 games in one pack so alot better value that the previous outing.

  3.  A definate purchase for your Xbox 360 music collection


    If your into your music games then you should have this in your collection. Same format as Rock band. Visuals are better, song selection is great though a shame Hey Jude or Let it Be are not in there but i can only assume these are being saved for DLC.
    Basically if your a fan of the Beatles which most people are you will love this game. Works fine with guitar hero instruments as well.
    It also has the added bonus of pictures, videos and studio chatter from the band never heard before.

  4.  Fantastic for a gift


    I got this for my mum back at Xmas and is excellent. Picture quality is very good and its easy to setup and use. My mum uses a Usb stick to transfer pics from the pc or just puts the memory card from the camera straight in and is very simple.

    I havn't tried using the mp3 or video yet but am sure it works very well too.
    If you are stuck for a gift then you cant beat this to display all your digi camera pics and replace all the photo frames taking up the mantle.

  5.  Only for fans of the show and easy achievements


    I rented this game over 2 days and have it completed with most of the achievments. It is very short with only 7 chapters but was an ok game. Visuals are not bad and it does very well to replicate the show.
    It is based on the first and second seasons and there will most certainly be a sequal. It covers most of the main story from the first 2 seasons and you play a new character.
    It is not a game for multiple play throughs either so I would recommend you just rent it and use your money towards army of two or rainbow six 2.

  6.  Excellent Piece of kit


    This is a great controller. I ave the white xbox 360 and it works fine as all the wireless stuff is region free. Buy it with the Play and charge kit to save on batteries.

  7.  Best Shooter on next gen consoles so far!!


    I have always been a fan of the COD series and was a bit against this 4th edition heading away from WW2. Having played the beta before the full game it came out I still wasnt that impressed.

    However once I got the full game I found it to be excellent. The single player is awsome with amazing visuals and missions that you will want to play over again.
    The multiplayer is the best available at the minute in my opinion in terms of FPS beating Halo 3 just.
    The weapons, perks and ranking up system all work very well and the maps are varied.
    It will be interesting to see how COD 5 turns out with the word being its going back to WW2.

  8.  One for the Fans


    I would agree with most of the reviews so far that if your a fan of Star Wars and Family guy you will enjoy this dvd. It is a bit short at only 48 mins but does seem to hit all the main points from Star Wars. Is a pity there wasnt more of Quagmire in it.

    It may not be as funny as the episodes but I would definetley recommend it to fans of the series.
    There is also a good bit of extras.

  9.  Game of the Year major contender


    Mass Effect is an amazing game and one of the best ive ever played. This and Assassins creed will be up there for game of the year. Although the visuals are better in assassins and both games are amazing in terms of story and gameplay, mass effect edges it for me overall. The conversation system is very good and really puts the player into the story, I hope future games decide to use this system. The only negatiive I could find was it can be difficult in that you die rather quickly as do your team mates when in battle but it just means i will have to level up alot more but it can be frustrating. Luckily you can save it when you want. Basically if your a fan of Star Wars or Star Trek like me you will love this. If you are getting some games for xmas make it this and assassins creed.

  10.  All 360 owners should own this game!!


    Having followed the Halo saga from the original I have been waiting to Finish the Fight and with Halo 3 it is everything I expected plus lots more.
    The visuals dont match the likes of Gears of War but on my HD tv they look great. The story starts where the 2nd left us and the campaign mode is great though I would play through it on Heroic for more of a challenge.

    Multiplayer is the same as Halo 2 but with new weapons, vehicles, maps and modes. The new Forge and theatre additions are excellent and allow players to edit in game content like adding weapons or vehicles and giving players certain stengths or weaknesses etc at the press of a button. By doing this new modes can be invented like warthog racing being one ive seen.

    The theatre mode lets players watch previous games played and mess with the camera and speed and save them to store a particular moment you liked like a great headshot or mad vehicle jump. These can then be posted on bungies website and downloaded so you can mess around in someone elses made up gamemode. The possibilities of this are endless and will keep you playing for years.
    If you have a 360 connected to live this is a must have game. If not get out there and buy one and hook it up online. This is a game that throughily deserves all the hype surrounding it.