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  1.  Looks Beautiful and Sounds Soooo Much Better in Blu Ray


    I have this on DVD and it is one of my favourite films. In my option better than the original movie. I have just upgraded to Blu Ray and I was amazed just how good it looks. The colours are so rich and I was surprised at just how much better the surround sound was. If you liked the first film I would def recommend this one.

  2.  Makes people smile!


    Excellent hoodie. Fabric is soft and warm and often makes strangers smile when they seen the face on the front, Would recommend.

  3. Red



    21 New from  £3.00  Free delivery

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     Bruce has still got it!


    Great action film. Bruce Willis at his best. It was worth watching just to see John Malkovich carrying a pink soft toy pig!!! Would def recommend.

  4.  Very Good Value


    Very good value for 30 quid.
    I have had my unit for almost a year and had no problems.
    I didnt have to load any software when I bought it - simply plugged in the USB end of the receiver cable and it connected.
    Yes there is a receiver and it is not small BUT I would not describe it as enormous.
    The best thing is that both the keyboard and mouse run on conventional AAA and AA batteries respectively. So when they do eventually run flat you wont have to buy expensive lithium batteries to replace them.

  5.  Great for Running


    Great product. The unit is light and stores about 400 tracks (using the in built data compression option). The battery lasts for a very long time before you need to recharge it and there is a light which changes colour when the battery is getting low.

    I use mine for running and the heaphones that come with it dont drop out of your ears whilst you are running so you shouldnt need to buy extra headphones if you plan on using this for running.

    I give it 4 stars because the only thing that I dont like is the clip. It is quite strong but the spring is not quite strong enough and sometimes works free from my running vest. But the unit is so light this doesnt mean it ends up on the ground it just means it hangs there until reattached. If they make the clip stronger it would get 5 stars.

  6.  Beautiful Button Bashing Entertainment!


    I love this game. The graphics are amazing and the variety of enemies is good. The game is designed in such a way that you are forced to replay earlier levels to unlock certain weapon upgrades - but as the levels are so beautifully rendered and so much fun to play that this is not an issue.

    If you want to know what this game is similar to then think Devil May Cry 1 (which was a PS2 game) crossed with Tomb Raider 1.

    I have read reviews of people saying that they had problems with the save system. I have not experienced this myself and I have not experienced any glitches (although I have not yet finished the game yet).

    If you enjoy great graphics, unlocking cool new moves and weapons and button bashing mayhem then look no further and add this to your basket now!

  7.  Still Looks Incredible in 2D


    I saw this in 3D at the cinema and expected to be somewhat dissapointed when seeing it in 2D. But on my LCD HD TV it still looks amazing!

    It is more than just a visual feast it has a good story -although I confess I was surprised just how violent the last 20 minutes of the film was.

    If you didnt see this at the cinema then my advice is to add this film to your basket immediately.

  8.  Would have been 5* but the ending (for me) was dissapointing


    Great film for Gerard Butler. I am not a fan of Jamie Fox but he was actually quite good in this.

    Lots of action (very violent may put some off - especially the first 20 mins or so).

    I would have given it 5 stars but I didnt like the ending and hence the 4 star rating. But I would still recommend this film.

  9.  Maybe one for the die hard Trekkies?


    I watched this because Eric Bana was in the cast (one of the best actors around at the mo in my opinion). They have clearly spent a lot of money on this film and the cast was excellent BUT I thought the story was weak.

    If you are a die hard trekkie then I would recommend the film as it gives a lot of the history of how the characters first met etc. However, if you are not then there are so many other good action films around at the moment you might want to look elsewhere.

  10.  Great fight sequences make it a good film


    I used to read the X-men comics when I was a kid and I have to say that Jackman is perfect as Wolverine.

    There are excellent fight sequences and the story is pretty good. The reason I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars is because I thought the ending was a little weak.

    If you liked Wolverine in the X-men films then I would recommend this film.