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  1.  Back to Funny


    Ali G was brilliant, and of course Borat, however I was one of the ones who steered clear of Bruno.
    This is back to a proven plot, offend everyone and everyone will laugh, and it works...........
    This is offensive, crass, vulgar, every "ist" in the book is peed on, some stand out moments too funny to spoil telling you on here. It sends up everyone from Green Earth to the Yanks.......... you simply must watch it, but take this warning it discriminates against everyone, regardless of creed, colour etc no one is safe....... plot is thin, 3 stars for the hilarity, as the cinema was packed when I saw it and everyone and I mean everyone was practically screaming with laughter........

  2.  Wanted.......... Dead or Alive


    This a Wanted item, seen it twice at the flicks, amazing hammed up performances from Mr Cruise as the classic Stacee (lost my way) Jaxx, Baldwin and Brand are comically brilliant, everyone does their own singing, the songs are great and Zeta Jones, levels the playing fields for the girls, knockout and laugh out loud moments, whilst some head bangin aisle thumping, 00's dumping heeeaavvyyy rock!!!
    A good pace, and doesn't outlive it's welcome or have an overlong running time, the 2 leads are knockout!!! buy this, your air guitar won't forgive you if you don't..............

  3.  A true hero of a story


    To be honest, another month, another camcorder film......... oh boy eat my words or what!! This film slowly unfolds and gives us a story about what we would possibly be like should we stumble across what they .....well stumble across (no spoilers here). Things go from great to downright bad very quickly, and then it really gets moving, fast paced action, slick direction and good, or enough character driven flesh outs, it makes you care...... watch this, it works....... 4 stars only because I heard after seeing it, that they made loads of cuts to keep it mainstream, so five stars guys if you release the uncut version and don't do the remorseless cash in 3 months after releasing the cut version - lord of the rings anyone?? I like to pay for one version only

  4.  Rip roaring good time


    True or inspired by, set aside the need to know otherwise I'll have to kill you. This is a great action movie that when it came out was up against the awful Drive and the even worse Colombiana I was losing faith in movies for the first time in a long time when I sat down to watch this, but came out very surprised, good action sequences coupled with a fast pace, Mckendry also recognized when he needed to slow it down a touch, to allow you to draw breath, then he toes the throttle again, and you wheel spin straight into overdrive again!!! De Niro did look tired and uninterested, but I think that was his character as I don't think he has ever done a role half heartedly, even the occasional stinker, was always well acted, but matter of opinion I guess, and we should remember that like his character, he is entering the twilight of his acting career. If you are after a good story that is based on blood, friendship and repaying a debt, then this is the film for you, sit back and enjoy because for me, it had everything it needed!!, can't sign off without giving a nod to the "Stath" who continues to excel in the action roles and is even getting a grip on this acting thing, will he ever win an oscar? doubt it!! but I bet he doesn't care either.....and whether a blockbuster or not, they always need an englishman playing a lead role!! We simply need more of these in mainstream cinema and can't wait for Blu Ray, although at 17.49 it is a elitist price, It's time Blu ray was set at under 15 quid, so come on Play, lead the way

  5.  Give me back my CAAAAASSSTTTLLLEEE!!!!!!


    Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!! this has everything you need from a film like this..... a completely over the top dictator in King John who just wants his castle back, trouble is, strategically he would win back England and have his revenge on all the lords who forced him to sign the magna carta!! Paul Giamatti gives us an amazingly over the top performance as his not so royal highness, King John. James Purefoy gives an absolutely stunning performance as the Knights Templar assassin who stands in John's way and his castle in the Medway, and Brian Cox gives a great performance as the mastermind behind bringing his band of grumpy mercenaries together to be a right royal pain in the throne for KJ. Solid, and sometimes over the top performances from the cast give us a "Magnificent seven meet the Wild Geese, vs everyone else". This film snuck up on us at the flicks, don't let it sneak past you on blu ray. It may not be quite factually correct, but after the first 15 or so minutes, you simply don't care. Miss it at your peril, knight!!!

  6.  SKY HIGH


    Can't understand people getting hung up on this, it is what it is, a reworking of independence day, war of the worlds, body snatchers etc etc. Clearly left open for them to expand on if it was a hit, personally the special effects were so much better than I thought they would be or could have been!! Character expansion is minimal because ultimately you know they are going to be all canon fodder eventually !!! how could the human race survive such onslaught? we wouldn't it would be just how long before we were wiped out. Watch i, enjoy it, don't watch it unless you enjoy sci fi because the storyline is designed to be minimal.....actually much better than the early reviews say, they probably didn't like Independence day either!!!...bring on it on!!! I'm in the queue to watch again, so is my girlfriend who jumped constantly throughout it lol

  7.  Everything the A team should have been


    One word describes this film "Outstanding". The most underated film of the year in my opinion. Pacey, action orientated, great chemistry between the cast, flippant and gritty in places and damn cool in others, pay attention Marvel this is what we want from a hero film......thanks DC ...I loved it!!!!

  8.  Hong Kong Jaa


    Agree with several other reviewers. Watch this if u want excellent fight sequences, stunning stunts and bone breaking kung fu. Avoid this if you are looking for a dedicated sequel to Ong Bak, this was hit with all sorts of problems, with Jaa rumoured to have left the project even apparently taking several years to bring to fruitition, the story makes little sense and is mismanaged and mangled at the post production stage....jinxed to say the least, but having said that it is enjoyable for most of the reasons of the first ong bak....just don't expect the streamless production of the first one...........

  9.  Fragile


    Fragile is a very atmospheric film set in an old hospital. An "accident" some 50 years ago led the 2nd floor to be shut down. Increasingly the entity on the floor above becomes more violent towards the last remaining children, only one nurse tries to understand and figure out how to take it on and win safe passage out of the hospital for the kids........keep the cushion close........you'll need it!!!

  10.  Feel the power


    This is shaping up to be a great little TV series. Season 1 was good, this is now showing you glimpses of sub plots as well as running good and interesting stories for Johnny to explore..........it's only going to get better....this could have been another nightmare Stephen King adaptation that went horribly wrong.......but it's not.........move over Walken there's a new guy in town.....the name is
    Anthony Michael Hall