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  1.  BEST MARIO EVER!!!!!!!!


    im not sure ENY mario game has come near this game graphics and gameplay wise they are amazin close to xbox i would say there are lots of levels and worlds compared to the ds version the 2 player can get extremly frustrating and that is the only reason why i put this game as a 4 star not 5 star with is disapointing because i would love to put 5 star because it is a amazing game you just do not know what is coming around the corner every world every level is different unlike the ds version witch is a bit repetative and there is a little suprise at the end but i will not spoil it for you all in all this game is a must have!!!!!!



    this game is soo addictive because there is just so much to do on every world and every level there are new paths to find everywhere and the thing that keeps me playing on it is trying to collect all of the coins this is a awsome pick up and play game not once has it crossed my mind to trade this game in for a new one because i would be lost with out it so this game is a must buy for EVERY ds/dsi owner!!!!!!!

  3.  OVER RATED!!!!!!!!


    the only reason why i bought this game was because it was like (5 STAR FOR THE AVATAR GAME) but its not i dont really like the way the story line DOES NOT follow the real story line from the movie. the gameplay is alright for both RDA and AVATAR but the map on story mode is restricted to one small path and its hard to get around to check points and when you do get to them and complete the mission you have to travel like a million miles to the next checkpoints but u do have these hores that you can travel on (if u are a avatar) but they are hard to control and the gameplay can glitch sometimes and if you are thinking that this game is easy achivements WRONG they are all secret achivement this secret achivement that. over all dont buy this game for over 20 quid AND AS I SAY IN THE TITLE THIS GAME IS VERY OVERATED so buy this if u want but i would NOT recomend this game