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  1.  Originality and unique


    Bioshock on of Xbox's greatest games, and it's true. An assortment of powers being able to shoot oiut your hand, it's great a decent game that's still as good despite being an old granny.
    It's not as advanced as other games but it's still worth a buy, especially at 11 o'clock at night on your own, definately worth a play.

  2.  The One and Only


    The best value of memebership, more for your money and it's cheaper than buying it off the Xbox.
    Must buy!!

  3.  Literature at it's bloodiest.


    Dante's Inferno- a game based on a classic poem set within in hell during the crusades, sounds pretty good and thankfully it is.
    Love and loyalty lies at the heart of this game as this is why the whole devil stealing wife conundrum began. After taking 30minutes to get to the gates of hell where you true journey begins, the true viseral and bloodfest starts. There are 9 circles of hell according to Dante Alighieri, each with different minions to kill and different ways of traversing it. Platforming is essential as you have to travel through the levels whilst taking down but ugly creatues along the way. There are 2 weapons with the game, death's sythe your main melee weapon and Beatrice's cross your ranged weapon, each with unlimited uses. The cross once fully powered can be too overpowered but you dont really think about this when it saves your life.
    Like most games nowadays, you can choose whether you're good or evil, this comes into effect when you can choose to absolve or punish souls such as Pontious Pilot and sodemists.
    Dante's Inferno will last you around 7-8 hours together with varying difficulties. You can replay a save again starting from the gates of hell. The game can get a bit difficult but it's still worth a play.

    Graphics: 9/10
    Sound: 8/10
    Gore: 10/10

  4.  Sci-Fi at it's best!


    Aliens vs Predator is game of great quality but in little quantity. Within the game you play as one of films most notorious characters: the xenomorphs (Alien) and the Predator together with everyone's favourites, the marines. Each character class varies greatly, the Aliens are the most agile, being able to leap from walls and run at ridiculous speeds. I experienced some motion sickness whilst playing as the xenomorphs, but it worn off after being able to control the Alien with ease. The Predators are the most viseral ripping heads off bodies just like in the origianl films, leaping great distances, going into thermal vision and with a new feature, alien vision. I actually felt like a Predator playing the game, it really immerses you within the game. The marines have the most ranged and powerful firearms, it plays like your average shooter.
    Each campaign lasts around 3-5 hours with various difficulties adding extra value. There is also Xbox LIVE which is vastly entertaining, being able to play any species available and choosing which character skin you play as, there are several modes to enjoy along with AVP's take on horde called survival mode. This is where 4 marines are pit against endless waves of Aliens, it's not about how many rounds you can survive for but for how long as it is inevitable you will die.
    All-in-all, i thoroughly enjoyed this game, the graphics are decent, the sounds are perfect staying true to the films, Rebellion have taken great care in making sure that the game is sound (pun intended). This game is definately worth a play, recommended to everyone and anyone