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  1.  Best PS3 exclusive to date!!


    This has to be one of the best PS3 exclusives and game in general i have ever played if you have a PS3 buy this game now no other game coming out this year can possible have such a gripping and interesting universe then this one it will blow your mind at how video games can make you feel trust me.

  2.  Great Buy!!


    Picked this game up and was pleasantly surprised its different to the normal story of a dead space game a lot more story driven and a lot more action then usual but the game keeps things interesting and i never felt like i was forced to keep playing like with some recent releases and all the new features feel like they were always ment to be in a dead space game not just tacked on for the sequels sake.

  3.  Really not as bad as reviewers are saying


    I got this game the day it came out and really its actually a fun game to play theres a lot of content it keeps true to the films and gives a fantastic atmosphere the graphics are not anything to marvel at but overall its a good game but you have to play it with at least one other person to get the full fun factor

  4.  Great


    Got this a few weeks ago and can't put it down really addictive and a lot of re playability worth a purchase :)



    this looks stunning maybe not the CGI but the diffrent artists that put there heart into making this film looks awsome.

  6.  awsome game


    i liked the movies but the reviews said it was bad but when i played it it was awsome buy this game

  7.  REVIEW


    If your a family guy fan you should definatly pick this up sure the price is high but its worth every penny every family guy episode so far blus documenterys on some episodes pick this up allso if you have alot of spare time kept me busy for days.

  8.  review


    I dont know why so many peaple dislike this movie if you look at it again you can see how much effort they put in to make this a dead space movie sure its not a classic but its still good worth buying.

  9.  Demo review


    From what the demo can show me this is going to be action horror and SI FI three of my favourite genres all in one which should be amsome and very scarey

  10.  Awsome best intaractive game i have ever played must buy it


    Very good but after you have finished it it can get very boring and you spend most of the time just going on it to get all the trophys