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  1.  Book of the year


    For me, this is without a doubt THE best book I've read this year, and to be honest, is just up their with my other favourites. This novel is just so good on many levels!

    I admit, this was only my third Stephen King book (I do intend to read many more), but that doesn't change the fact that it is just such a well constructed piece of fiction.

    Yes, it is a long book, but throughout the entire story there are cliff hangers, twists and developments which make it so hard to put the book down! Not only that, King has written it in a way that is easy for nearly anyone to read, but doesn't dumb it down at any point.

    On a final note, even though the book has many characters, you actually feel like you get to know every single one of them on some personal level.

    It's a great story, just buy the book!

  2.  THE greatest thrash album of all time.


    There's not much else to say really, this album is over in 28 minutes after hitting play, but they will be the most intense 28 minutes you ears will ever endorse.

    Every track on this album is what old school thrash is about, blistering fast guitar riffs, manic blast beats, face melting solos and even a few epic screams for good measure, before reaching it's landmark conclusion.

    I listen to all kinds of music, but metal is always where my heart will be, and even though it's been well over 20 years since this masterpiece was released, I still haven't heard a thrash album of this level. Sure, some have cut it close (Machine Head's 'The Blackening' for one), but Slayer still reign supreme.

  3.  Good to be back


    Godsmack have always had a way with writing catchy riffs and vocal melodies to hook any listener in, whilst still maintaing a heavy and punchy sound. Thankfully, with this album, nothing has changed.

    Sully and the gang have produced yet another album with balls out in your face songs, that stick true to thier roots, yet at the same time, are experimenting with a couple of new techniques.

    This album is definately a must have for any Godmsack fans, but for any of those who don't own any of their previous work, I wouldn't recommend it straight away, since despite being a great album, it's not by any means their best. Give Faceless or Awake a try first, if you like those two beasts, you will certainly enjoy this!

  4.  Old Skool


    I won't bore you with the histroy of Mortal Kombat. If you want that, go to Youtube.

    All's that needs to be said is that MK has gone back to what made the original 3 games so great, but have added: more gore, more violence, and plenty more fatalities, along with hundreds of extras to unlock which will please all of you old skool fans. The use of Kratos is a very nice little extra too I might add.

    A welcome return for all long term Mortal Komabt fans, and a breath of fresh air for newcomers.