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  1.  Not an essay... just straight to the point!


    I think 'quickthumbs' thinks he's in a classroom. YAWN!
    Seriously, this game is great. People are basing this on the beta demo alone. It's obvious you aren't gonna experience the entire thing from this.
    Right, this plays very well. It's smooth, and well put together. It's not gonna feel like the old socom games because they were on a different platform and nowadays people expect much more. This game IS Socom. It isn't about running around all guns blazing but very much tactical approach to taking down the enemy. Like I say, you can't really judge just yet as the game isn't out, but seriously, from what I have played it is shaping up to be fab. Combine this game with PS move, the sharpshooter attachment and a big widescreen TV and you have a great night in! Buy it from PLAY to get great service and a nice little pre-order bonus!

  2.  An ALL STAR game


    You will have reviews slating this game because of it's simplicity, but that's the point to this game existing... simplicity! It's not supposed to be a Smackdown vs Raw type of game. This is straight up arcade-style fun! Having recieved this game today and previously trying the demo there is nothing to complain about with this game if you are a wrestling fan. It does what it's supposed to do. The superstars are overly big or overly ripped on purpose. It's no accident that Hulk Hogan's biceps have biceps of their own! This game isn't about realism, it's about pure fun and should not have an in-depth story mode, if you want that then you have the option of purchasing Smackdown vs Raw. However, if you want over the top, exagerrated and crazy wrestling then this is the game for you. It's nice to see that the entire roster isn't available straight away and that you have to unlock other guys. The Million Dollar Pack is a bonus, as is the free Honky Tonk man character via DLC. This game is not an exhausting button bashing overrated Smackdown vs Raw wannabe, this game is pure FUN, and the graphics are tremendous. It's nice to see a different side to a wrestling game, a more arcadey feel that puts you right in the action and presents itself to be the something very fresh and welcoming!

  3.  Great little functional and tidy product


    I was skeptical about this (as I am with a lot of things I buy off the internet) and my expectations weren't all that high for this product. However, I should have more faith, lol.
    This product is great. I wouldn't recommend any other stand/hub for PS3.
    - It has 3 charge points: 1 for the sixaxis control pad, 1 for the move motion controller and 1 for the move navigation controller.
    - It has 3 USB points but It is not recommended to charge other items (i.e. eye camera or another control pad) through the hub itself whilst the above items are charging, however, I have charged more items and have no problems (yes I like to try things out for myself, lol).
    - The actual hub/stand splits if you would prefer your PS3 to stand up without the hub charging cradle next to it. Basically you have the stand for the PS3 (you can use vertically or horizontally) and then that is attached to the charging hub (with 3 usb points).
    It's a simple functional piece of kit but it makes things look so neat and tidy and offers more space on your desk area. I previously had my PS3 flat (horizontal) but now I will always keep it vertical.
    - There are three lights on the hub related to the three charge points for your controllers. These lights clearly show when an item is charging OR has finished charging. It flashes when it's charging and it stays red when it has finished charging - simple.

    I recommend this product for tidyness alone. :)