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  1.  average


    clear audio, not as good as other in ear i've owned before.
    the bass isnt so good.
    the cable is bit short as well - i have my work pc on the floor, the cable to the left ear is stretching to reach.
    next time i won't risk a cheaper pair.

  2.  AWESOME!


    great dvd!i had minutes(..maybe seconds) of fun watching this! havent managed to get to the end of the movie yet but its well worth a watch! however, i wouldnt suggest buying a USED copy.

  3.  beat-em up


    in essence this game is just a beat-em up wiht a few mini games to use the six-axis control style.
    the beat-em up element makes up aorund 90% of the game while the "mini-game" feel to the other levels consist of shooting an arrow/cannon ball etc etc and moving six-axis in the direction to hit a target.
    If you grow tired of beat-em ups this isnt for you, its none stop button bashing frm the word go!
    but since lack of games on ps3, you might as well play a quality game like this to pass the time till Lair and others come along.
    Btw, scarface...if this is the best game you've played ever, you must have only played the worst games