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  1.  Not even great when it was new.


    I think there's a lot of folks who either pine for the old days, don't know any better or perhaps... are just trolling play.com's rating system.
    This game was never great, it was alright, i remember having a good old giggle at it. But no-matter how many types of room there are, no matter how intricate things are under the hood (which i seriously doubt they are given the era it was made) it still isn't worth the cult like ratings it's getting.
    Just like Psychonaughts (another bonkers 10/10 - 5 star band-wagon of a game) this is ok, fun, but there's much better out there people.

  2.  Another solid expansion


    Through no fault of their own, the game can sometimes become tiresome, but for me this has entirely been down to the players within.
    If you can find yourself a good team of 15+ people to enjoy this with, youre laughing.
    It's beautiful, the music is very often touching and atmospheric, the story is deep and captivating and that's the stuff most people unfortunately seem to overlook!
    The gameplay is as simple or as complex as you dare to make it. Come in and enjoy, you're bound to find some folks to felate to and enjoy this with.
    A masterpiece of gaming in our time (that inevitably receives scorn and hatred from some, as so often genius does) that truly is something something not to be missed.

  3.  Tremendous Games


    It contains everything i remember and have come to expect from Final Fantasy.
    Please try and ignore the hysteria from a few fans who expected the world on a stick and a life changing experience.
    This is a story, a beautiful one at that.
    The battles are wonderfully animated, and frequently very intense.
    Disk 3 is far far longer than the first 2, so don't be alarmed if you reach the last disk quickly.. Take comfort in knowing the disk change is over ;)
    To say more would spoil things, but truely, please go in with an open mind, and try and just enjoy the journey. It's utterly beautiful, and lovingly crafted. Not much innovation, but that's not why you should play Final Fantasy, now is it? :)