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  1.  I'll miss you, Splinter Cell.


    Dear Ninja999. In Splinter Cell games, you are not supposed to be able to run around shooting people senselessly like 95% of other games with guns in them. If you make a sound and/or get spotted, and you're outnumbered, let's be realistic. If you've got two men with guns vs one man with gun (even an advanced gun), that guy is not going to last very long. Splinter Cell has always been one of the few games that recognize that. What worries me with this latest release, is that that might be about to change.

    I've played the demo. You should understand that I want for Conviction to be good, as I have always loved the series. I did not come to the demo looking for faults. I didn't know what to expect. For one thing - it is very different. Anyone who liked the previous Splinter Cell games should know that this is a little different, and anyone who didn't should know that too. I just really hope they don't take the challenge out of the game. If someone's not that good at isolating targets before taking them out or using their imagination in difficult situations, then you let them play on Easy difficulty! You don't dumb down the entire game! They'll still have tonnes of fun, all you need to do is make them a little more impervious to enemy fire. It's worked in the past!

    Also I noticed that a lot of stuff is gone. The shadow system where you have an indicator on your HUD telling you how invisible you are is gone, as is the ambient noise level indicator. And if anyone remembers how you used to have full control over how fast or slow Sam would sneak using the thumbstick - you're gonna have to saw bye bye to that too.

    That said, there's a lot of new stuff too. Like the cover-to-cover system and multiple-enemy executions for two very big examples - and when so much has changed you're obviously going to have to say bye bye to some things. But even so, most of your favourite tricks and toys from Convictions predecessors are present too. The beloved sticky camera is back, and Sam in his old age still remembers how to climb poles and pull unsuspecting terrorists off ledges to their doom. So really, it seems like you're getting more than you're losing.

    A couple people are upset at the absence of Versus Mode, so if you're a fan of that - be warned. But there is, as always, a great co-op campaign and this one is a prologue to the single player campaign! There is also a Deniable Ops mode which has a couple of different co-op challenges.

    But to summarize, I suppose it looks pretty good. I'm just sad that it feels like we're saying goodbye to the Splinter Cell I grew up on - a slow-paced, precise, tense and thrilling game where you felt ashamed if one of your targets achieved so much as a scream for help. I guess you'll still be able to do things the old-fashioned way, you just won't be rewarded for it. By all means, fan or not, go ahead and buy it - it'll be great! It's just that as a fan, I naturally want it to be as good as it can be.