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  1.  Great!


    I had made up my mind to definitely get FIFA this year, then at the last second i changed my mind and i'm glad that i did.

    The usual issue of not having the right team/league or player names is there but it does play well. Tweak your teams settings and formation and this is nearly back to what PES once was.

    I still can't get the tricks to work (but that one might be down to me more than the game) but i just think it plays well. There is an extra difficulty setting as well if you really wish to push yourself.

    If you ever liked PES, this is well worth a look, you'll be hitting in screamers in no time.

  2.  Not what it could have been


    I have not touched the campaign yet so this cannot be a full review BUT.

    I love the create a class on multiplayer unfortunately I cannot seem to play this game on line, there were major server issues for the first week, still get game freezes, sub machine guns are way overpowered, shot guns are useless due to the size of the maps, many of the perks seem quite useless as well.

    That is my view anyway, this is the first COD that has split me and my friends straight down the middle, like Marmite odds are you'll either love it or hate it.

    Zombies, is broken. TranZit mode sees you travelling around a few small drop off points with a few really pointless objectives to try and get through and it's just frustrating and boring. Bigger maps were promised in the build up to release and they are not on show anywhere from what i can see. The first Black Ops had some great Zombie maps that kept me coming back for more but i'm bored of this one already AND they want me to pay a bargain price of 41.99 to get a season pass for the downloadable map packs when they eventually come out.... nah, don't think so. I'll be back on MW3 soon anyway.

  3.  Great sound


    Got this about a month ago now as i saw it in a sale and the the sound is excellent. On Call Of Duty as other reviewers have said you get a real sense of where everyone else is which is great.

    Down side, the mic seems a bit quiet, you have to have it right next to your mouth if you want people to hear you, (no big issue)

    The main problem i have is on the comfort side, i wear glasses and the firm ear cups on the headset press on my ears instead of around my ears. Less than an hour of play and i have to take the headset off due to the discomfort. Just something to take in to account really.

  4.  Great


    I'm quite stuck in my ways with music but every now and then i'll hear something that breaks down a barrier or two and hearing Sowing Season on Guitar Hero did just that.

    Brought this album off play expecting to just like the one or maybe two tracks at the most but no. This is a great album, now brought a couple of other albums by this band as well and they are great.

  5.  Not for me.


    Never played the first game but brought this one purely because i saw there was a split screen multiplayer option and the trailer looked pretty good.

    Graphics look fine, play is quick, but there is nothing hear to make me play the game for an hour nevermind go back to it for a second play.

    The split screen mode would have kept me interested but the screen split is so small (i.e. not 50% or even 40% of your TV) that unless you have a mega sized TV there is not much point because you can't see anything.

    I can see why people would get in to this game but as the title says,it's not for me.

  6.  and again....


    Following straight on from the last album GB, Get Better and Last Train Home would be my picks but it's album i can listen too happily without skipping a track.

    Not even the kind of music i'd normally listen too but lyrics that actually say something have got me hooked. 7 quid.... how can you complain at that.

  7. Angles


    Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip - CD

    1 New from  £7.80  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £3.76

     Great stuff


    Intelligent and catchy with open and frank views of modern Britain. Well worth the money.

  8.  Back on track


    Played both the UK and Japanese demo's and decided not to get it..... but then all those years of playing PES got to me and i decided to give it a go anyway.

    Stuck it on this morning and ended up just getting through the Champions League group stages and then going on to beat a injury hit Real Madrid side 2-0 in the final. An absolute storming first play with up's down's near misses, booking's one red card, one howler from my keeper and an absolute sceamer of a goal from Rooney.

    So yeah a world apart from the Demo, control is better, passing is better, shooting is better and it's still very tough to break teams down. Would get a five star apart from:

    1. The transfers are no where near up to date, this is a big let down as the transfer window closed weeks ago.

    2. Played one game on line and it was lag central, long delays between pressing a button and it actually carrying out an action on the screen and it seemed to take age to access the online section due to slow connection times (yet my internet connection is fine).

  9.  Awesome


    I saw these guys live about a year ago and brought the album right away, the songs are heavy and the vocals are massive, if you like Clutch, The Sword, QOTSA etc then i'm pretty sure you'll love this album.

  10.  PS3 not a patch on previous versions, stick with PES6


    Jerky visuals, online play is the worst yet for lag, AI system is useless i.e. if i run a central defender out to close down a striker, my other centre back follows leaving great big holes. Absolutely gutted as i'm a massive Playstation and PES fan but if i could get my money back for both i would. Save yourself the frustration and wait for PES2009.