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  1.  I know it doesn't make a difference but its style


    This is a great controller but it's the colour really........

  2.  Fun but Dull....Find out why.......


    As a recomendation from a friend I bought this game limited edition. This review is split up inito two parts equalling 5 stars.

    Campaign; The campaign in my opinion is very dull and hard to follow. I haven't completed the campaign yet and it is very easy. I like earning trophies as I am level 8 on them but it doesn't really require a challenge to earn them on Crysis. If you want a good story buy Killzone 3 (personally one of my favourite ever story lines.)
    Overall 1 star for the campaign.

    Multiplayer;This game is very fun online. I've been playing for hours on it and it is very enjoyable. As a fan of the Call of Duty series I have got to say this game is equally as good online. This game online provides hours of enjoyment.
    Overall 4 stars for online.

    If you want a good campaign buy Killzone 3 if you want good online buy Crysis 2.

  3.  Dissapointed........


    Don't get me wrong this is one of my favourite movies of all time and the lost star isn't for that. As most people would agree Terminator 2 is one of the best all time action films. On DVD it is absolutely amazing.......However on Blu Ray it is exactly the same as DVD. I would recomend that you get this on DVD and get a 5 star performance on it than a 4 star on Blu Ray because of the picture.



    So far this is the best game of 2011 and to be honest I can't see it being beaten. The campaign is absoloutly stunning, graphics, story,guns and everything else! I absoloutly adore this game. Haven't played online yet but hopefully it will be like the campaign. I strongly recomend this to any fans of playstation shooters. Still haven't completed the campaign and i've been playing for approxametly 10 hours. The last thing I want to talk about is the L1 melee feature. The L1 melee feature feels so good when you're performing it you can either poke Helghast eyes out with your thumbs,stab them in the neck with a knife or stab them in the eye with a knife. If you like long detailed campaigns and fun Killzone 3 (The best game of 2011) is the game for you !

  5.  Ok I suppose


    This game is quite good but after a while it gets a bit repetitive all around an o.k game



    I started playing this because I was bored. I've now been playing it 16 hours straight this is classic street fighter

  7.  MINT


    What a great game the best of the need for speed series !!!

  8.  3 because of online


    If you don't have online don't bother buying this game ! The online is great but the campaign is rubbish !! completed the campaign in two hours no joke !! Hopefully Killzone 3 will be better !!!!

  9.  The legacy continues


    What a game it carries on the legacy of the previous assassins creeds an amazing storyline that took me about 16 hours to complete all around a great buy

  10.  Alright I suppose


    This game was fun to play but the campaign was too short and the graphics aren't amazing but the majour thing that's bad about this game is the ending..........shocking ending a good buy though !