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  1.  The best Vampire Diaries yet!!!!!


    I really loved the first two double duo installements of the Vampire Diaries so of course I wanted to read this follow up, and I was not disappointed!!!

    It is a little more edger than the last two, with more dark and seductive elements to it which I found fit further into the Gothic theme of the books. For fans there is more adventures with Meridith, Matt, Bonnie, Elena, Damon and Stefan and of course the regulars such as Caroline and a welcome bigger appearence from Mrs.Flowers (Stefan's Landlady).

    It is to note though, that although I, myself, love Elena and Stefan together, his absence from most of the book allows for the relationship between Elena and Damon to grow and develop. Having believed like Elena, that Damon is not as much of the bad guy as he makes himself out to be, this book helps to shed light on this instinct and investigate it further.

    With the appearence of two new evil and sinister characters set on destroying Fell's church, Damon's inner struggle with evil and good is played upon heavily in this book and it is not as simple as choosing a side...

    I welcomed the refreshing look on the evil bad boy Damon and his struggle with his feelings toward Elena too. Without spoiling anything, whether Damon feels for Elena is purely beacuse she is something he can not get or that she is his little brothers vs. that he may actaully want more than just her blood are brought to light and a sensitive side of Damon is shown but not without consequences.

    I would go as far as to say, that while the first two double installements were not really for adults, the shift to more adult matters in this book and hopefully the next allows it to be an adult book in my mind.

    I Loved it and could not put it down, I can not wait for The Return: Shadow Souls which is out out in May. I have mines pre ordered :).


  2. Shiver



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     It made me Shiver with anticipation at every stage...


    This is a beautiful and unique love story which reaches into the unknown world of love between a girl and a wolf.

    Grace, having been attacked by the pack of wolves that live in the woods near her house, feels a close connection to them long after the attack from when she was young girl. In particular to one wolf who somehow saved her from them. From that day forward, the wolf watches over her like a sort of guardian angel and after 6 years of watching things begin to happen and the secrets of the wolf pack which frequent her forest come to light. It appears that the wolves are not just wolves...

    The book follows the building of that relationship with the wolf who saved her, called Sam. It is a journey which reveals more about the lives of the wolves and the pack and in particular Sam and his past. What is most beautiful though, is the unspoken love that has always been there for Grace or Sam, wolf or not and his struggle to hold on to Grace, reality and what makes him Sam.

    I liked that there was a change to the old stereotype of wolves in this book, with it showing that it is temperature that is their trigger instead of the moon. And Stiefvater makes a point of pointing out the temperature at the start of each chapter so you can get a hold on the situation, or the situation to come. This helped to build the tension and made for a gripping read as the temperature dropped or rose. This feature, of course, relates to the title of the book and you see why she has called it such with the progression in knowledge of the wolf pack.

    In addition, I really liked the idea that the eyes were the identifier for someone, and eyes play a large part in recognition in the story.

    The lead to an ending which was heartbreaking and one which made me cry with joy for the final twist.

    This is truly one for the collection with its unique twist on the paranormal romance scene. I am looking forward to the next book in the series; Linger which out on the 5th of July.


  3.  Stop comparing to Twilight! Its amazing!!!


    I really wish everyone would stop comparing all vampire books to Twilight, as a major fan of the series I can see why but this book is different than the Twilight Saga. It is amazing in it's own right. I try to read a new book with fresh eyes instead of comparing it, think if you had not read Twilight, would you like it, and I say yes definetly!

    I love the character of Elena who could so easily fit into any time or place, she is universal. At first I was annoyed by her bratty attitude and she came accross as 'pampered princess' but as the story progresses and with the arrival of our vampire; Stefan, we see that there is more than meets the eye to Elena. I deeply enjoyed the love that Elena and Stefan share and felt like I was witnessing its strength grow.

    The story keeps you guessing with a number of unexpected twists and turns and I love the style that Smith imploys with the extracts of dairy entrys which put you in Elena's mindset and see everything through her eyes.

    I loved the errieness that Smith manages to maintain with the Graveyard and the church.

    The ending is schocking and I was left reeling and wondering if it could be so, so much so that I had to buy the next one in order to find out!

    Take my advice, stop comparing to Twilight, every book you read will probably not live up if you keep doing that, so just look at it as it's own and I promise you will enjoy it and will not be able to stop! :)


  4.  Blue Moon = Amazing!!!


    I have just finished the follow up to Evermore and I can promise that it is just as amazing as the first! I read it in one day as I just not put it down!

    I love the timeless story of love between Damen and Ever that Alyson Noel creates and she does not fail to follow through with Blue Moon.

    It starts off with Ever and Damen so in love after the many centuries that he has being trying to save her and it finally seems that they are together. But it seems all is not right with the arrival of a new boy who threatens their love in a way you can never imagine. With this comes a whole new set of mysteries and revelations and Ever has to make a decision that effects the rest of her life...

    With all the magic of the first book with the manifestation of the tulips (a symbol of their undying love), as well as progress in the land of Summerland and other characters including the return of the Psychic Ava, the book is even better than the first.

    Having already gone through Ever and Damens heartbreaking Romeo and Juliet story, this book makes it even more powerful when that love is threatened. There are so many moments where I could feel Ever's pain and could imagine if I was in her situation how I would keep it together.

    And with an ending that shocks, the question that comes to mind is can love conquer all?

    Read it and see, I can not wait for the follow up - Shadowland, out in July.