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  1.  Good game, but why call it Far Cry?


    If you enjoy grand theft auto then you should like this game, it's pretty much that game in Africa. You go around doing missions for factions in order to complete your main objective 'The Jackal'.
    The graphics are fantastic and really give the game a realistic feel while playing, the gun sights work well and makes the game a great shooter.
    Now to the downsides, sadly this game has nothing to do with the original game FarCry , for some reason they have called it this when there is no connection. This doesn't make it a bad game unless you plan to buy this in hopes you'll get to kill mutant beast like before.
    The other fall back for this game is that it is so repetitive! It starts to get a bit boring doing same things over and over. Not a game you can sit down to a play for a long time unless you have the patience of a saint.

  2.  It's short but very sweet.


    Having played both the original Stalker and Clear Sky I would say to all Stalker fans to get this. It has so great features that the old ones didn't have which allows you so customise your stalker to the gaming style that suits you.
    The graphics aren't amazing but they do there job without you noticing anything wrong but what really makes this game great is the story, even tho it's a short game it goes in depth and really reels you in. You have to think of this as an expansion pack rather then a completely new game within 'The Zone'.

  3.  Does it's predecessor proud.


    I loved the first game it had a great story line and a fun game play as well as fantastic graphics. Bioshock 2 gives you a healthy dose of the same. Playing as a big daddy isn't as easy as it sounds, the creators have made sure that you can't just run around like the terminator killing every one with easy, you really have to look out for your health.
    You have to really listen to the story line to understand it but it follows on from the original well without you having to remember or look back on the old game.
    The graphics are amazing and the underwater parts are to be admired.
    On the multi-player I would recommend turning the graphics down as even tho I can play the game on max graphics in multi-player I had some graphical lag. Apart from that the multi-payer works very well and has so great special features to keep you going.
    Defiantly worth getting if you like the original or just a really good shooter with a twist.

  4.  Loved the book. Loved the game


    This game is great. It sticks to the book it was based on well but because the book wasn't very long the game isn't that long. However, it goes so in-depth that it doesn't really matter. If you loved Stalker or Fallout 3 then I recommend this game (Y). If they do bring out expansions then I expect them to lack the detail as they won't be following the book.