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  1. SAW



    Available  used  from  £5.38

     Not Bad


    This game is alot better than people give it credit for, it definitely gives a true Saw atmosphere will make you jump and tread carefully, graphics are better than PS2 though alot better can be achieved. The puzzles are fun and not always easy which makes it more interesting.

  2.  Best Sequel Based Horror Ever


    This is a great movie as were the 6 before and for this price its a great movie, blood, gore and more gruesome games. funny how people slate this series yet they still have time and put time money and effort into buying watching and writing negative reviews.

  3.  Not Bad


    After the mix reviews online, i was a bit two minded on getting this, though its better than i thought, exercises are tough, there's plenty of training options, two motion controllers are worthwhile. The graphics are good though advice from the trainer get repetitive.

  4.  Quite Compact


    The image is quite deceiving as this is smaller than it looks, though it does the job and its size is an advantage as can be placed in the rear side passenger seat or front side, def keeps the car clean, cant go wrong for a fiver.



    Family guy is undoubtedly the best adult cartoons in the world and has been for the past decade and this series gets better and you can the time and effort the creators have put into each episode, this is great for your collection or as a gift (for adults only).

  6.  FUNNY!


    Though i feel family guy is number one comedy cartoon, american dad is def the next best thing, hours of dirty funny humor, comes in a nice neat box set.



    I'm a huge MK fan, i had to have this and i purchased this for 12.69 its definitely not worth the price it is now thought, i have given it 5 stars as presentation of the book is great the cover, the quality of the book and pages, the artwork. The content of the cards is good and is actually left blank so you can fill it in as you unlock the moves in the game so i totally understand that, i haven't concentrated to much on the moves shown in the book as the main moves and combos are shown in game. This guide i feel is purely a kollector's item though it will def help the novice MK fighter.

  8.  FUN!


    This is a great graphical game, lots of fun when playing with family and friends or against the computer. This is a great trophy hunter game as its quite easy to get alot of trophies the big downfall i found was though it has the ability to, you cannot play online even after creating an EA account which is really weird, if it wasn't for that i would have given it 5 stars.



    I bought this TV in the sale 399 and is worth every penny, picture is crystal clear especially when plugged into a HD device in my case PS3, sound is good though a surround sound system would top it off, lots of connections ethernet, HDMI, SCART, USB and optical give plenty of option to connect various devices. This is a must buy you are getting so much quality for less money.

  10.  FUN!


    I bought this game full price at release (gun recommended) this has hours of gameplay and is fun solo, online or with a friend your basically getting 3 games in one with trophies for each, graphics are great, very responsive. so for the current price is def a steal.