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  1.  Basic, fairly stylish, good reception, loud keypad though.


    The 2730 is a decent no frills phone. You get all the basics including good messaging options, good at making calls and holds the signal well. It'll also at a push allow you to view web pages, particularly if you use opera mini but a small screen makes this quite hard work. Email support is actually good. Camera OK in good light, pretty poor otherwise. Has music player and FM radio, both of which work well.
    The keypad is clicky. By that I mean press a key and the noise is so loud (not the phone speaker, the actual physical contact of the key and the phone) that your can hear this even above the sound of TV or music. If noisy key pads don't bother you try this, if they do I suggest you try it first.

  2.  Flawed but it does do a lot of things and is nice to use.


    I have a love hate relationship with this phone. It delights and frustrates. For the money the feature count is awesome. What you get is a good camera, excellent music player, GPS, and OVI maps is now completely free and even has voice guidance for pedestrian mode, VGA quality video recording, a lovely bright screen (indoors), and an OS with lots of support for applications at a good price (many are free) but not as many as apple. Its easy to use and texting/browsing web on a capacitative screen is a joy after the resistive one on 5800. But nokia could have done better and produced an iphone rival. It probably didn't wanna interfere with n series. The processor and available ram make it a bit slow, load a nice theme and the speed will halve (not worth it!), do too much at once and it'll grind to a halt, sometimes literally. Biggest issue I have is the aerial is on the bottom of the phone, meaning if you grasp it too tight you ruin the signal. Hold it loosely and you can gain 3 bars! Reception is my biggest problem with it, I've often got none in places other people have a signal. Not sure if this is phone or orange though, was previously on o2, and my spare phone on orange (a 6303 known for excellent reception) also seems to have a weakish signal though it won't lose it as often, so its better, but given this is as good as it gets, the x6 is probably merely good). Well it would be if the aerial was on the top.
    So the X6. A 5800 made slimmer with a better and much more responsive screen. You can get much better for 70-100 more, but not much comes close in terms of features at 299. If you don't use all these features then cheaper alternatives may be more reliable and quicker. Jack of all trades master of none sums it up perfectly. There's a lot of trades so 4 stars from me.