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  1.  Get ready to jump!.....LOTS!!!


    I saw this film at the cinema and am awaiting it's dvd release with anticiaption...why? Well, Sinister is one of the very few horrors lately that actually lived up to all the hype. The storyline draws you in from the beginning,a writer writing a new book about a house where sinister things have taken place. There are some gruesome parts, but Sinister doesn't go over the line with the gorey stuff it just shows enough to play on your mind. Troughout the film there are jumps galore, and although you think you know when they're coming, you don't!

    If you haven't seen this film hire it, buy it, borrow it from someone and i dare you to sit alone and watch it one night. Yes, it's that frightening! Move over Paranormal Activity, this is way more scarier.
    Bring on Sinister 2



    I am now awaiting the 3rd season of this superb program. Very few series have people hooked but this is certainly one that i am totally hooked on. The premise of the story is about a woman who has cancer and has to come to terms with it and how she chooses to deal with it. Laura Linney is fantastic in the lead role Oliver Platt plays her husband Paul and Gabriel Basso is her son Adam. Look out for appearances in the 2nd season from Cynthia Nixon from Sex and The City and Gabourney Sidibe from the film Precious. This is a brilliant program which tackles cancer in a humerous yet heart-wrenching way in some episodes. You can laugh one minute then be sobbing your heart out the next. Just prepare yourselves with a fair few tissues whether you are laughing or crying.
    I am so looking forward to season 3 in April.

  3.  Gyllenhaal & Hathaway are a great pairing


    I went to the cinema not expecting much from this film but came out loving it! It's definitely one of Gyllenhaal's better films recently after Brothers and Prince of Persia. I really enjoyed the comedy elements along with the emotional side of the film. It wasn't too tacky as i thought it may be. The intimate scenes were fun and made me laugh a couple of times, but the underlying story was pointed out at the right times in the film and at one point i actually felt really sorry for Anne Hathaways character. Funny, and poignant.

  4.  It's not me, It's her!


    I've never really been a fan of all this cockney singing that seems to be dominating the charts at the moment, i mean what next, brummies, liverpudlian? (watch this space)

    Anyway, back to the Lily Allen cd.
    Every now and again 1 album comes along for me that has every single track on it that i love, and has absolutely no dud tracks. This is the album! I've never really listened to Lily Allen, only ever seeing her on tv and reading about her controversial life (which she freely explains and good on her)
    The album it'self is superb with a mix of pop, soft rock and 60's style songs. When you listen to the lyrics to some of the songs, particularly the stand-out track for me "f*** you" it has so much meaning and you think, yeah i can relate to that so much.

    If you're not a fan, like me then i urge you to borrow this from one of your friends that has bought it, because i tell you, after one or two listens you'll be humming half the tunes and you'll simply have to buy it. I did!

    Welcome back Lily as a sceptic im extremely impressed, you may have a new fan!!

  5.  Ugly Beauty!


    This is a real gem of a book if you're a fan of the television program. Not only do you get meet all the characters and learn about them, but you can read about how Ugly Betty was born and how to dress like your favourite characters aswell as decorating your house the Suarez way. The pages are glossy and of great quality and you just dont want to crease it as you read it.
    If you're a true fan then this is an absolute must!

  6.  Intriguing,but very drawn out


    Being a fan of Jake Gyllenhaal i was really looking forward to this as it was based on a true story. I was a little disappointed as there isn't really alot of action and it tends to play out as a documentary rather than a film. I went to see this at the cinema and when i came out i was numb from sitting down for almost 3 hours.
    It really is an interesting film to watch, but if you're looking for action, forget it, there isn't any.
    If, however you're interested in documentary/real life programs this may get you intrigued. My advice is watch this alone and not as a romantic night in with your loved one.

  7.  great debut


    Having heard the track "cmon girls" a friend advised me to listen to this guy. It's about time the UK had a good r & b artist and Taio Cruz is certainly that. His voice is so pure and when you listen to him you cant help but close your eyes and slowly move your head to the beat. In comparison he sounds a little like Craig David and there's an element of The Lighthouse Family there too with a touch of R Kelly thrown in.
    What i love about this cd is the orcheatral element, with the violins accompanying the r&b style it really works well.
    I really cannot pick out a single dud track on this cd as they are all great tracks. I really hope this guy does well as he'd be a great import for British music.

  8.  Could've been better!


    I have been a Janet fan for 22 years now and in my opinion she will never exceed the greatness of her Rhythm Nation album.
    Like alot of people with Discipline i was expecting something different and new. The last few albums have been disappointing to say the least with a few tracks standing out, and this is the same. 2Nite, Rock With You, So Much Betta & Feedack are the potential singles.
    The album starts off very promising with the 1st few tracks then slows down tremendously almost to the point where you are thinking, cmon Janet faster faster!

    When, she makes another album she needs to collaborate with new producers as they are obviously running out of ideas and originality, which is such a shame considering Feedback is such a good song.

    Unless you're a real true fan i'd hang on a few more singles until you make a decision to buy this.



    Having seen the original i wasn't expecting alot from this film. Not being much of a Michelle Pfeiffer or John Travolta fan i didn't expect to be blown away.
    Boy, was i wrong. This film had me toe tapping and singing along, clapping and dancing, and that was in the cinema :o)
    I immediately bought the soundtrack after one watch of the film and kept on playing it repeatedly.
    If you're expecting it to be like the original, then forget it. This version is more of a musical than the original. I much prefer this one to the original it made me feel elated.
    Buy it or watch it with a friend who has it, then buy it!!!

  10.  And about time too!


    Poltergeist was one of the first horror films i actually watched all the way through when i was younger. One scene always haunts me with Poltergeist and that's when Carol Anne goes missing and her mother ends up in the swimming pool (those who have seen this will understand what i mean)
    This is a true classic horror that had me both totally enthralled and scared to death as a young boy. Some memorable moments that still to this day i can recall as clear as day. Unfortunately as sometimes is with sequals they seemed to lack the horror aspect by the 3rd enstallment.
    This was never released on dvd here in the UK until now. I'm not sure why. All i know is that no more were made after the 3rd Poltergeist as a couple members of the cast died not long after making them. Strange!
    BUY this, its a horror that should be in everyone's collection....that's if you love horrors :o)