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    Waking up is always hard, so i thought to myself i need something to wake me up..... THIS IS IT, first thoughts were this thing looks amazing and just the right size!, so i was like why not? :) did some research into the kitsound brand and took the gamble, WORTH IT!!!.

    This thing packs one hell of a punch for a small dock, Amazing bass ( shakes my table in the morning to get me up), All round amazing sound for such a small dock, any style of music sounds sweeet, Dubstep, Rock, you name it it will sound AWESOME!

    I have not slept over my alarm once despite heavy nights out....

    BUY IT NOW! this is great, 100% happy with my purchase,

    Quick delivery from Play all round awesomeness!!

    BUY IT!



    My second pair of Skullcandy headphones ( one set of buds, and these bad boys!!)

    Absolutely awesome pair of headphones!

    The sound is sweet for any style of music, great bass for Dance, Dub, Rnb etc ;), awesome highs and midds for Rock stuff, all round awesomeness!

    I love them!

    The design is really good, great fit they even stay on my head when i rock out!!, easy to store / take with me wherever i go.


    Once again great service from Play :):)



    These titan headphones are AWESOME!!!.

    Straight out of the packet they sound amazing, deep thundering bass, great treble all round wicked sound!.

    i was holding out untill christmas for these but i thought to myself why not treat myself. The inline mic is easy to take calls whilst in mid rock!

    Great sound, great image GREAT HEADPHONE!

    these will not disapoint :)

  4.  Amazing!


    I've been looking to purchase a Bluetooth Headset for my iPhone 4 and PS3 for a while now. I didn't want to pay the earth but at the same time wanted something small, lightweight, functional and just works out of the box.

    I have to say that all of my criteria have been met. The first thing I noticed about this headset was the size, it's so small. I'm not a fan of large headset and don't believe technology should be bigger than it has to be. You can barely notice your wearing it meaning that it works great for Long COD missions!

    Another plus is the fact that it is so easy to use. Again any technology product shouldn't require the user to have a vast knowledge of how it works and should do all of the hard work without the user ever knowing it. It was easy to pair with my iPhone and is very simple to use, It is also very simple to pair with the PS3. It has a single button for connecting and hanging up calls, plus volume up and down buttons, what more do you need. The sound is clear and the headset picks up my voice nicely. It stays in place with an over ear clip which is also something I was looking for in a new headset.

  5.  Fantastic Visor kit !


    First off the Jabra SP200 is the easiest Bluetooth speakerphone Ive ever used. I took it out of the box turned it on searched for it using my iPhone and was paired and talking in less than a minute The company states that the SP200 is as easy to operate as pulling down the visor and based on my experience this statement is definitely true.
    The sound quality on the Sp200 is great The Jabra SP200 not only sounded clear but the people I call cant tell Im even using a speakerphone There is no doubt the built-in DSP voice processing technology provides excellent clarity! The Jabra SP200 also excels in looks usability and battery life According to Jabra the SP200 is rated for 10 hours of talk time and 23 days of standby So far Ive used it without hesitation every time Ive been in my car Im sure Im coming close to the 10 hours so the battery life is definitely working as advertised The SP200 also comes with a USB cable and a cigarette lighter plug so you can charge it as soon as you feel the need to but so far i havent even needed to

    In general I couldnt be happier with my SP200. It works great sounds great and is affordable too. If youre looking for a hands-free kit for your car the SP200 is a great offering

    Quality service Quality product

  6.  A MUST have for any iPhone user


    Everyone who owns a iPhone knows what the battery life is like, lets face it, its not great even under normal usage let alone using apps like facebook etc.... After owning a Iphone 3GS for a few months i decided i needed a alternative power source so i can take full advantage of the phones apps without compromising battery life. After looking at a few cases and reading some reviews i decided on this Pro-tec power jacket ( GREAT VALUE!!) straight from the packet it was ready to use. It is quick and easy to apply to your iPhone, it fits perfectly into your palm for a comfortable fit. I take this with me everywhere so i never run out of power. this is the best iPhone accesory i have purchased it is a MUST HAVE. great quality from pro-tec at a very affordable price....

    Very good delivery service all round amazed buy the product and the service

    Buy one!!!

  7.  Amazing Case!


    Just got this Case for my Nokia N900, This case is amazing. Straight from the box with perfect fit. Easy access to my phones many features. Great protection. Looks wise is great very sleek and stylish!! Made from quality leather. Having such a expensive handset i wanted to keep it protected.After looking at a few cases this is deffinetly the right choice!! This is a must have for any Nokia n900 user.



    Having recently purchased the pro tec executive leather case for My Iphone, I am amazed how I ever lived without it. The case fits my Iphone Perfectly. It allows easy access to my phone whilst maintaining a secure fit. This case is perfect for everyday use and offers great protection. Having such an expensive handset you need to look after it. After already escaping with a few minor scratches on my Iphone I needed to get a case for it before major damage was caused. This Pro-Tec case was the solution, not only does it offer amazing protection for your handset. It has storage for cards etc. This is a must have for any Iphone User!