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  1.  Attractive but not very practical.


    I received this as a birthday present and it is growing on me. The best thing about it is the clear non-flickering text.

    Books are easy to load, but only if you have the main file types. You cannot load other types such as .lit or .pdb ebooks, both of which are predominant formats available from popular ebook sellers.

    The biggest irritation is the time lag between page turns. I currently read ebooks on PCs, laptops and iphones - none of these have the length of pause that the E-Reader has between pages.

    In the lag between pressing the page-turn button and the next page appearing, I can't help contemplating that if this was a printed book, I would have been onto the next page and a few sentences down by now.

    Even before the lag irritation, I am reminded of the odd placing of the page-forward button. I have to shift my hand up the side E-Reader to press the button located mid-way down the right side of the E-Reader. If the page-forward button was just an inch lower down, users would be able to press forward without changing their grip on the the E-Reader.

    Or there are other buttons on the E-Reader that are placed where the page-forward button could ideally go. You can press them without changing your grip on the E-Reader. One is the page-back button. The other is the 'menu forward' button on the botton right of the E-Reader. If these could be reassigned as page-forward buttons, then a major irritation could be resolved. Ie, having to shift your grip unnecessarily about every 30 seconds, depending on the speed you read and the text size your prefer.

    There is a left-side set of puttons for page-forward and page-back. But they are awkward to push if you have a cover on the E-Reader, such as the cover the comes with the product.

    I have heard that the E-Reader is energy efficient. This is just as well, since it takes 4hrs to recharge via USB cable. And the E-Reader can not switch on while connected. So make a note that you can not continue reading while you recharge.

    The 'off button' is difficult to get to. You have to go back to the main menu - select settings - select advanced settings - select 'shut down' and then you can hit the off button. I don't see the logic in designing a gadget that is so difficult to switch off.

    The only thing I can think of is so that users won't be too affected by how long the E-Reader take to load up when you switch it on again. Also, I agree with the previous comments about how off-putting the awful black & white picture at the beginning can be.

    But overall, the E-Reader is small, light and attractive. The slim silver design also has a great quality feel to it. I have found it extremely portable to have around with me for short spurts of reading during busy commutes. Especially if I've kept it on so don't have to wait for it to load up.