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  1.  May the odds be ever in your favour


    Great poster, well detailed with a quality image. Also nice that they include the description thing at the bottom like proper movie posters.

  2.  Ammo box PS3 controller charger


    I have not had the same problem as the previous review, the hinges work fine, mine doesn't feel weak like it would and overall i cant complain. It exactly what i expected. It made out of plastic and metal and feels sturdy. It can accommodate two ps3 controllers. My main I purchased this product was to be able to charge my controllers through mains power while i was out so that my controllers are always fully powered, rather then leaving my ps3 on to charge my controllers. Also has helpful led indicators which show when controllers are charging or are fully charged.

    I could not find one fault with the ammo charging box, and would defiantly recommend.

  3.  Wacky melted clock


    Like others have said out of the box it does feel slightly 'tacky' as the silver look around the edge is plastic and would have looked better made out of a silvery sprayed metal. Despite this when you final put it on a shelf it looks great with a retro look to it. If your buying this product its more to own a wacky clock that looks cool and is a talking point rather then telling the time as you wont be able to accurately tell the time from the clock.

    Personally i think from a distance it looks great and i would defiantly recommend this clock.

  4.  Great accessory just needs more apps


    Great accessory for ipod/ iphone. comes with multiple parts so most idevices are covered. The actual phone holder part is very study so i had no worries it would fall out or scratch my phone. It works by touching the screen icons (shoot buttons) with two little levers on the gun that are moved forwards and back by the triggers. The levers have little foam circles on the end so it will not damage the touch screen on your idevice.

    Build quality is good, it doesn't feel like it would break and it is entirely made out of plastic. The end of the gun will also unclip to make the gun smaller based on preference. At the moment their is one free game available to download called alien attack which is quite fun and works well with the appblaster. You can also try out the app first to see if you like it because it is playable without the gun. (The app has not been updated to make use of the retina display).

    My only negative is that alien attack at the moment is the only FREE game available that works with the appblaster. There is also another game which is around 1.50p that works with this gun. It would be nice if apptoyz could develop more games as essentially you are paying 15 pounds for one game. Despite that its a great little accessory and well worth a try.

  5.  Legendary


    A great unique story with superb acting from will smith (as always) and from his companion. Great cgi effects and imagination of new york city overgrown and deserted. A complete thrill ride and emotional roller coaster (you will understand why after watching). A must see.

  6.  Epic


    I loved this film ( the reason why ive re watching it multiple times). It has a great story which seem very plausible and realistic and this combined with the top rate cgi effects makes this one of (if not) thee best disaster movie i have seen.

  7.  I Robot


    exceptional movie, as always will smiths acting is top class and was a perfecting casting for i robot. The portray of the future is believable with great cgi and character and set design. The story while slightly boring at times is still great and has great action scenes. Also while still maintaining a serious, intense story and atmosphere it includes many parts with comical dialog which is expected from Will Smith. All in all great film and a definite must see.

  8.  Wall-E


    Fantastic film. Everything about wall-e was great, fantastic sound, animation and story. despite the characters being two little robots and not saying much they still portray huge amounts of emotions and the film was an emotional roller coast and you soon grow fond of them. A must watch and great for the whole family.

  9.  Kapow


    A truly awesome film. Its unlike any films i have seen and is very creative with a well written original story. At first glance (without noticing the age rating) i thought it was going to be a kiddy movie but how wrong was i. Kiss ass has action all the way through with many bloody scenes. A must watch because it is original and unique and you will have a great time watching it.

  10.  Nothing else like it


    This film is incredible, it is unlike anything i have seen before. The story is very intense and well written with many twists which keep you guessing right until the very end. Every time i re watch it i notice something else which i have previously missed and after a second watch the story becomes much clear. This is not your typical film full of action but actually a gritty story about society, survival and conformity.