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  1.  Is it left, or it is right?


    I've had a lot of ear phones over the years and these are my second pair of skullcandy's as I do find they deliver the best sound for the cheapest price. The treble, mid range and bass are superb, they fit in the ear nicely without any irritation or them falling out. I've not had mine for that long so time will tell how long they last. I can see me doing a follow up review if it's not that long. But I'm positive as my last pair of skullcandy earphones lasted two and a half years before one ear piece died and for earphones that's pretty good. Once again though, they've repeated their mistake and haven't bothered putting L / R on the ear pieces so you have no idea which one is left or right and for most people into their music, yes this does matter, especially if you start using them to watch films on your computer and the stereo is saying one thing and your eyes telling you another. I also don't want to be mixing them up and spreading any ear infections I might have! You'll have to use your own initiative to sort that problem out as I have done. But other than that piece of ergonomic incompetence they're really good. One last thing to mention is the wire is no longer plastic and is made of a kind of rope material. The kind you find on climbing ropes or the ropes you use to keep stuff down on a bike or roof rack. This is a great idea as it won't split and is more durable protecting the wires inside. Hopefully these will last just as long as my last pair. Few design faults but for sound and price, excellent.

  2.  zombies watching zombies


    Such an original concept, a zombie television series. I don't think it's ever been done before, or if it has, never to this high standard. The idea of setting it in the very real world of big brother was brilliant. The use of the building, real life counterparts, even the cameras they use are authentic when viewing the big brother scenes as a tv programme and switch to more horror-esque cameras for the narrative. To see the trailer you wouldn't guess how gruesome this gets, and I do warn you, this is very gory. The cast are all very well chosen and obvious mention to the BB "producer" who has some hilarious lines. I never got bored waiting for something to happen, Charlie Brooker has kept the action at a high throughout so you don't settle down for too long to realise how bizarre it all is. Even for a film this would be great as I think it's one of the best zombie productions there is, especially when you find out the director doesn't like zombie films and has never directed anything even remotely like this before. I prefer this over all Romero's fims, and 28 days later and they were all higher budget. The only thing that I thought it didn't need is the high volume of shaky camera work. I know it gives it more tension and makes it feel more like you're there but sometimes you are trying to focus on what's happening and it can become a tad irritating and I'm like "keep the camera still!". The dvd is superbly presented, menu screens brilliantly designed and it's packed with some great features like special effects, a tour round the BB house and a funny interview with Charlie Brooker, swearing guaranteed. Very gruesome, very grim and a lot of political satire. The cameo's from previous BB contestants were nice to see, although I was unsure how much acting was required! This is a zombie series worthy of a lot of praise; for it's originality in a stale franchise, ideas, humour and harsh gritty reality in a whole nation of zombies.

  3.  very compact


    A very small, very compact piece of kit. It's not perfect by any means but it's as near as you'll get. Problems I can see arising with a few people would be that the lead connecting it to your computer is not very long so it might get in the way a little. Sometimes it can be a little bit in the way of my mouse as I don't have a lot of room but it's fine mostly. The connection ports are very close together to keep it small but this may cause issues for people wanting to use all four at once and some usb connectors (older ones really) can have some problems getting them in. I haven't needed to use all four at once so it's never been a problem but I have tried it and it works fine. One last issue people might encounter is if the products you're connecting to it are of a large power consumption, it might not recognise it without it's own power supply. But all of these things don't really apply to me, it's just for people who might want to know. I connect my mouse, webcam, mp3 player, digital camera, card reader and pen drives to it with no problem. I'm on a mac and it recognises everything straight away. The lead connecting the hub to your computer doesn't just sit out there, they've got a neat little compartment under the hub to tuck it into. You might need a pen or knife to pull it out again but it again saves on space and looks very neat and very compact. Very good product and does what it says.

  4.  What ism ever robbed a bank?


    What an underrated sitcom, Rowan Atkinson is brilliant as always and there are a few gem characters alongside him. Every single scene with inspector Grim is comedy gold and you'll still be quoting him years later. I bought this as it was a great deal and thought I might as well as I remember it being quite funny. I was most surprised, it was great, even better than I remember. It does have a lot of innuendo's in it but nothing you couldn't watch with your mum. It's all fairly harmless compared to today's comedy. A tad left wing in places but that's to be expected due to Ben Elton's writing, but to his credit he has written another brilliant sitcom worthy of the status of modern classic. As per usual the BBC can't make dvd sets properly as there's nothing extra on either disc, just the episodes.....again. It would have been nice to have seen one interview at least with Grim, it's not like the writers and actors are hard to get hold of. There isn't even scene select which is just ludicrous! I had the same problem with other BBC sitcoms I bought, so it seems to be their 'thing' they do. The only other shame is that it doesn't give you a definitive ending, it just ends on a normal episode and that's it. It deserved another series really.

  5.  Could have done with a bit of lipo.


    I have enjoyed all previous series and was looking forward to this one as I've waited ages to see it. It's got twice as many episodes than the other four series finally. Different setting, is uses the LA lifestyle to its advantage and for some reason it has some really funny moments. They've decided to put loads of humour in it, especially the start of the series which was hilarious. Why it only gets three stars though is that although it is good and I still enjoyed it, for me it was the weakest series of the lot. They crammed so much story into it that they could have spread it out into the next series. You can't imagine what could happen to one person over the space of a year, let alone all the main characters. Some parts were strange where something significant would happen to one of the main characters and sometimes it didn't seem to bother the others at all, there was little to no emotion and even had me baffled at one point where one of them just disappeared two thirds of the way through the series and never returned even when some pretty hefty stuff was going down that you knew they'd have some say on it. The series didn't end as well as previous ones as it's left a lot of stuff open for the next series. If you remember series two with Ava and the carver, it had lots of emotion and the music and directing was just perfect. Even when what should have been emotional scenes arose, odd music would come in which set totally the wrong tone and ruined it for me a tad. It seemed to be the same problems they had in Miami, just in a different location as everyone followed them there on the loosest of reasons. If you thought series four was a bit strange with where they went with it, you'll be surprised how far this one goes, especially how many relationships that include the word marriage there are in it. How many women can two guys get that they are willing to marry after a few weeks in one series? A lot apparently. I would really only watch this if you are a hardcore fan of the programme like I am. It was very good, just not their finest. It was like putting too much jam in a sandwich, you can still eat it and it tastes nice, but you'd rather spread the jam over two slices of bread to enjoy it more. Quality of episodes and storylines should take precedent over quantity. Will have to wait and see what happens in series six.

  6.  Where are we again? Ah yes, a made up country.


    As far as teen comedies go, this one is underrated. Ok, so it's not upto the standard of Road Trip or American Pie but it really does have some gem moments that had me laughing out loud. When you compare it to the many predictable teen comedies out these days like the endless American Pie sequels it's a cut above. It just falls short in a few places that stop it from being a real contender for the crown. The three lads are no miss-cast as such, just the characters are a little bit wet and the actors are no where near strong enough to carry the roles off. If they'd used the actors from say something like Road Trip then I think it would have been miles better which is a shame. There are a couple of very minor characters that pop up once or twice at most who get more laughs with one word and you kind of wish they were in it instead of these guys. As usual as in any of these films, there is drug taking, lots of drunk antics and many boobies. One thing that really lets it down though is the Geographical mistakes. Most of it was filmed in Prague although none of it set there and it shows. Anyone outside America will be able to tell straight away that the locations, buildings, politics, rules and even laws of these places are not accurate. You might find yourself sitting there saying "hold on, that's not there, no they don't, well that's not like that either". It's like the makers have never been to the places they're depicting or met anyone who lives there. Either that or they don't care that English and Europeans might watch it. But if you just take it for what it is then it's a fun comedy with some really amusing moments. Not much thinking involved so just get out some pop corn and enjoy the mindless fun. The DVD is presented really well with loads of extras, mostly funny. It would have been nice to see some on location information and where they got the ideas for the places they made up but nevermind.

  7.  Is the juice worth the squeeze.


    So lets ignore Elisha Cuthbert for a minute and assume you want to watch this for another reason. To laugh perhaps. Its not the funniest teen comedy out there or even the second funniest but its worthy of a watch. As is getting more common in these types of films is the minor characters who have one or two lines now and again steal most of the jokes. I found the lead male very weak and like he was just going through the motions and found his friend and her former employer stealing every scene they were in. Every piece of music in it I found very oddly placed and when a fun song should pop up it didnt and when a love song should fade in they used something rather unromantic which I found off putting as I couldnt get in the moment. Elisha Cuthbert is meant to look good in every scene and she does. Her portrayal of the character was actually pretty good and more importantly genuine as she controls every scene shes in and you can see why he falls for her. The story was more original than most films of this genre and clear messages portrayed although the predictable girl meets boy. boy ruins things by being an idiot. something significant happens. happy ending formula is abundantly clear. But that aside Ive never found this film to sit right theres a strange vibe or directing style. I cant put my finger on it but it doesnt have that fun carefree summertime feel that most teen comedies have. Maybe its not meant to but I found it to be trying too hard to be serious in places and not keeping to what its meant to be, a teen comedy. Its fun enough and most will watch it for Elisha anyway, just dont expect Road Trip. The dvd has a lot of extras on it. Not amazing features but watchable once. I didnt see this at the cinema so I couldnt say how good the uncut bits are. Had it injected more laughs. change the weak lead actor to someone more engaging and giving it a more upbeat vibe and soundtrack it would have been great. Its certainly enjoyable but not the best.

  8.  omg, this review, this review, omg!


    As with the other three boxsets, this is not series 4 but volume 4 which is very different. The episodes are often mixed up between series and some are left out and the rest will turn up on the next volume. It's a bit of an odd way of doing it but if you keep buying them then you'll get all the episodes eventually. There is about half the episodes here than on previous volumes but each one is a gem. The humour is consistent and just as funny as it's always been. I have noticed a lot more animal abuse to get laughs is becoming more frequent and in a few places I'm not sure whether they want me to laugh or be appalled, so some of it is a little unnecessary but overall the series is still laugh out loud funny. The few extras given are quite nice and the very awkward comicon live reading where the creators/cast tend to look a bit stupid is quite dull but as a whole, another great boxset.

  9.  The extra scenes are worth it.


    I snapped this up straight away as it seems to be difficult sometimes to get Leon on dvd, let alone the directors cut. I was a tad dubious about whether to get this version or not as there's usually a reason why stuff is cut out and I didn't want to ruin what is an already brilliant film. There is about 10-20 minutes of cut footage reinserted and let your worries drift away as they do not disappoint. The only reason they were taken out of the original release is because the Americans wouldn't be able to handle it, whereas the French and English didn't see a problem with it. The extra scenes give you some background into Leon's past and it develops his relationship with Mathilda a lot more. The extra scenes weren't at all boring and it all just made for a better viewing experience. I'm not sure whether the music at the beginning of the film has changed as it did seem odd and very distracting in places and I don't remember it being like that, but that soon passes anyway. The dvd is presented well with a couple of documentaries that are pretty good. It's a shame there were no interviews with either Gary Oldman or the director who's vision it was, and I don't accept Besson's ex girlfriend as a decent substitute! All in all, an amazing film just made even more amazing by it being put back to it's original glory, how it should have been viewed in the first place. Some might find the odd scene uncomfortable with the two of them but it's all innocent from his side as the extra footage and features will show. If only Besson would write a 'Mathilda' sequel!

  10.  Oh Lindy, where have you been all my life!


    This is a great little series. Both actors are superbly cast and the two main characters very funny. Kathy Burke can do no wrong and doesn't mind sending herself up, the other side characters are a bit wet but they don't take up too much screen time. Be warned that if you don't like innuendo's or vulgarity then I'd steer clear of this, or at least don't watch it with your gran. Because it's a BBC comedy don't expect anything like featurettes, documentaries, commentaries or interviews because this has none. As usual it's just the episodes and that's it, but for your money it's very good. Maybe not the best British comedy in history but still certainly a modern classic.