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  1.  This is Bioshock 2.1


    Very good game. Weapon customizations, super powers, black magic, vintage scenery and a guy with a robotic mask...what else would you ask for ? It is like playing Bioshock. Lots of blood and loads of atmosphere. The game is fast and reaching the map objectives is easy and fun. Action packed game, this is a Bioshock, Asassins Creed and Prototype mush-up concept....ENJOY !!

  2.  Great Looking Console


    Totaly quiet console, looks great and even better than the boring black slim model. Buy this very cool console without any 2nd thoughts.

  3.  This year's worst game


    If someone gives you this game as a present then do not open it. Just take it back to the shop and trade it with anything else you can find on any shelves. Trust me. This game really sucks.

  4.  Ninja Fail 3


    Some really great graphics and good cinematic kills in this game....if you ever get pass level 3 without shouting and throwing the controller at the tv set...ninja stars and arrows that do not kill anything....combo moves inspired by mortal combat games....traded this horrible game after 2 days of trying really hard to enjoy it....

  5.  Great Game But...


    Great game for 20 euros it has online co-op and 4 weapons on screen on campaign. The blinding lights every 2 seconds on multiplayer made me put this game back on the shelf.

  6.  WOW !!


    One of the best games I have ever played, open world gaming, flying with no wings around the city blocks and very, very fast gameplay. It reminded me of DC universe with all the flying and super hero stuff. The character's special moves are really impressive. Buy this game now.

  7.  Good Game


    Fast killing zombies, lots of blood and weird sexual innuendos...if you loved Shadows of the Damned you will adore this one. Quite strange boss fights and wonderful 80's arcade games inside the game as well. What more would you ask for ??

  8.  Boring Game


    Returned this game after 3 hours of gaming doing absolutely nothing. Very slow movement and is more boring than scary. Graphics are also not good, this is not for the fast pacing gamer. If you are looking for a zombie killing game look somewhere else.

  9.  Black To The Future


    Returned to this game after playing mw3 & bf3. Customizations all over & great multiplayer/theater mode FUN !!!

  10.  Errr........ok


    This one is for the books. Had such a great time playing this....thing of a game. Blood, Sex (kinda) & Weird Big Guns, could be the next title of this game. You have to play it to believe there is a game like this out there.....The bosses are quite extreme in nature, very fun to play. That is all........................