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  1.  They keep wheeling out the same thing!


    Year after year after year, its the same thing. Only the drivers get shifted around and maybe a new colour scheme for the cars and MAYBE, a new track.
    but they don't really improve the overall driving.
    The penalty system will still do you for something minor while the Ai cars get away with it, and the crashes!.
    Yes the crashes. Do these people even watch F1?, I wonder.
    I mean, how many times do you see a formula 1 car go off the track and then go into a 360 degree spin ?, they very rarely do!. Usually they carry on and rejoin the track and Im guessing that the new game will be the same as the older versions.
    Its an easy game to wheel out every year. Once you have the main plot put down then its just a bit of tweaking every year so people think its new, but really its the same as 2012, 2011 etc etc etc .
    If it was new then they would have worked out the crashes after many people complained about them years ago, but no, they're still the same.
    So remember, your not buying anything new, just new packaging with a couple of tweaks to the system to make you think its new.

  2.  social indictment .. or good entertainment?


    This is a hard film to categorise. I found it uncomfortable to watch and felt like turning it off after 15/20 minutes as it was just to close to the bone.

    It starts pleasant enough where all's well in the city where the pair live and get together to go on the weekend trip to EDEN LAKE.
    But it's when they leave the city and enter the somewhat sleepy town that it all turns around. They (and we) are enraged by the lowest common denominator, braindead mentality. From a driver speeding into a parking space they were waiting for. A barmen who ignores the bloke and takes the order from his girlfriends breast's instead ..(watch, you'll understand). And to top it off the shouting couple having an argument in the carpark late at night.

    I think we have all encountered some, if not all of these people at some time in our lives. As they say in the X-Files ... "They're out there!".

    We then encounter the gang of youths who care nothing about others, and certainly not about the couple trying to have a relaxing weekend .. and this is how it starts.

    Gladly most youths are nothing like this. Yes they may hang around in 'gangs', but surely that is an indictment of a government who have failed in giving these people somewhere to go.
    But this gang are the exception. They are led by a youth who has grown up knowing nothing good from a father who sticks two fingers up at the system. We are not shown too much of the home life. But what we do see gives a fair indication of how things run.

    ....And then it gets nasty, very nasty, very quickly.

    I am not going to tell you the plot as that would spoil it. Surfice to say. That this movie doesn't just prick at the senses, it more or less stabs at it with a dirty, rusty, blunt edge. Not a film I will watch again anytime soon.

    So is that entertainment? ... not if you fail to return to it. But you may be differant?.

    Enjoy .. or not.

  3.  Will Smith makes it work!


    When reading the original reviews in the film magazines I was given the impression that this was not a great movie on which to put my money on as the CGI was dissapointing.
    So much so that this rendered the film "NOT VERY GOOD!".

    Thankfully they were wrong and what you have here is a very moving film in parts played with full gusto by a very impressive Will Smith.

    The way that he shows us through the camera how 3 years of isolation, 3 years of hiding and hunting and 3 years of trying to find the ever illusive cure for mankind's desease ... is as realistic as you could expect it to be if you were ever thrown into the same circumstances.

    The crushing isolation is all the more apparant when you realise that it was he that set up the mannaquins in the shops to make it feel that there was still some remenance of life.

    The CGI of the vampirish city folk is not the best but is far FAR from being the worst either. You soon forget about the short comings and really get into the characters (or should that be character & dog?) .

    Impressive, is the New York landscape.
    Grass growing up through the roads, cars rusted where they stopped.
    Shops stacked with never again to move items and four legged CGI wildlife roaming where once people trod.

    The city scenes are breathtaking so much so that you can sense the isolaton.

    Well worth the price and definately worth watching twice .. just incase you were wrong the first time!.

  4.  GREAT GAME .. And what I would expect.


    Many people have stated about this game and others that the graphics are not that great for a PS3 game.

    I think what you have to remember is that the game is good but the PS3 console is still too advanced for what is coming out. In time the game designers will catch up and then we will see something special, afterall Sony built the PS3 to cope with the next generation of games and it takes awhile for that to happen.

    Back to the game. Great, no complaints. Okay the Enemy figures sometimes look a bit stretched but that doesnt destract from the gameplay. The scenery is good and the graphics clear.
    The ending may not be to everyones taste but it left me just wanting more, I didnt feel cheated.

    I will eventually buy the second instalment but not until it comes down in price because I dont believe that nearly £40.00 is a fair price for a game, any game!.

    So why did I only give 4 stars?.
    Very few games are worth 5 unless they tick all the boxes. (COD4 is a 4 star because the gameplay is too short plus I felt rushed through it).

    This game gets 4 stars because, although it was enjoyable throughout sometimes an enemy would appear from somewhere absolutely impossible and that would be the end of me..plus as mentioned, the enemy sometimes looked stretched.

    But 4 stars is very good and I would reccommend this game to anyone .... so enjoy, especially at £18.00!

  5.  Yes you know its great, .."but" ....


    Okay. First off, yes the graphics are amazing as is the storyline. Infact there isnt a lot you can say bad about this game, except ... "its short!". Too short to be honest, and its a lot of money for just a few hours toil. But if you can get it cheaper then you wont be dissapointed.

    While I was playing, especially as the SAS in the gillie suits, I thought, "Now heres an idea for a game", as we havent had a good sniper game in quite awhile, and if there was one made to the same high spec as this part of the game then it would be amazing. Unfortunately this part of the game is too short. Just as Im getting into it, its over. The dogs are a nice touch. Infact everything about this game oozes quality and it really shows what the PS3 is capable of. Just make the gameplay longer, Pleeeeze!

    If I was to design the perfect game it would be part CODE OF DUTY 4,
    part BLACK,
    part KILLZONE, and part SNIPER ELITE.
    Now, if you can combine the very best out of all 4 games and put them into 1 then you would have a game which would continue to be fun for months, not hours.

    All in all, CALL OF DUTY 4 is the bees knees, but because of the short gameplay you are left feeling that there should have been more at the end.

  6.  The Never ending Story...... "really!" . And worth the money


    Well, what can I say. This game really surprised me as it gets better and better as you go along.
    The controls are easy to use and the graphics arent bad for a game that came out in 2003 (ish).
    The surprise in this game came from the fact that after killing one of the German female generals, I thought that was it and expected to see the credits roll ..."no!", it continued on for numerous more missions, and then again I thought, "thats it, roll credits".
    Again I was wrong.
    This is one of the best bargain basement priced games I have played and well worth the money. The amount of weapons you aquire is LARGE!. The enemies you encounter go from German infantry to corpses, mummies and SUPER SOLDIERS!.
    There are secrets and Treasures to find, as you move through the game.
    All in all, a very worthwhile game, so go enjoy!