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  1.  A Must Buy


    I really liked DA:O, like any other Bioware's game. It's got a great story, interesting characters and tons of dialog. A quality game as usual.
    I bought this game about half a year ago for 20 Euro and now you can get it along with all the add-ons for just 5 more!

    If you're into RPGs and don't have this game yet you really have to consider a purchase, in my opinion this offer is a real bargain.

  2.  Great stuff


    I don't usually buy graphic novels, you read through them far too fast and they cost far too much most of the time.

    I wanted to read this one, though, because of the movie and wasn't disappointed. It's funny, fresh and interesting. I'll definitely buy the other volumes, the obscure story hooked me up.

  3.  A fun game with a few (not quite minor) flaws


    I didn't care at all for this game at first, a friend of mine dragged me into it and then gifted it to me for XMas. What I experienced was a very fun co-op game but after a while I came to see its flaws which led to me stopping playing and deinstalling it.

    There're basically two different game modes: co-op and versus (I count survival to co-op).
    In co-op you play with others again A.I. controlled infected while in versus you compete against other players who control special infected.

    The big problem is the lack of maps. There're only 5 maps which makes co-op soon very boring.
    Versus doesn't get old fast but since the gameplay is heavily biased towards the survivors the fun doesn't last very long, either.

    All this aside, this game became redundant with the release of L4D2 anyway, since the sequel includes every gameplay feature of this game and the L4D campaigns can be imported.

    So yeah, if you're looking for a co-op zombie game buy L4D2.

  4.  A must buy for every FPS fan


    Really, there isn't much to say.

    OB contains the best FPS titles to a laughable price. I bought it right after release for the full price and even that I consider a real bargain.

    We have the HL2 series, one of the best single player FPS.
    There is Portal, a really well thought out and creative puzzle.
    And TF2 which I consider one of the best, if not The Best MP FPS with a really unique art style and constant support.

  5.  Still good but not amazing


    I've been a fan of Gorillaz ever since and bought this album right away. It has some nice pieces, like Melancholy Hill, but overall it's not as good and consistent as the previous albums. I don't like the move to R'n'B as well.
    Another thing which bugged me a little was the quite sparely made jewel case - not even a booklet was included. Compared to Demon Days a little bit disappointing.