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  1.  the first game i haven't played because there isn't one.


    obviously when you buy a game you are expecting to spend some time with the control pad playing the thing. but where is the game?

    as the game has no online mode you are really needing the main story to be amazing after all will i re-play the game again because it was so good the first time round. well i dont think so. because i just feel that this game is to much like hard work trying to stay interested in whats happening all the time.

    now here's my point if i buy an xbox game i expect to be getting a good gaming experience. if i decide that i cant be bothered playing the xbox tonight i might just watch a DVD then i expect the film to have a good story. but in L.A. Noire has so many cut scenes that you are basically watching it more than playing it. now as films go L.A. Noire is really good and if i was reviewing it as a film then I'd probably give it a higher score than what i did give it. but its not a film its a game and i have to consider is it good at being a game. well in my opinion no its not a great game. take away all the cut scenes and what do you have left to do with a control pad. well you can walk or drive a car. chase someone the game selects for you. have a punch up with bad guys the game selects for you. shoot at bad guys in the game when the game allows it. pick up a selection of objects at a crime scene or investigation that the game allows you to pick up. select from roughly 4 or 5 questions when interrogating or interviewing someone.
    now as you can see from the list of gaming options your very much tied to this game as to what you can do and when you can do it. and this is what can become a bit of a drain on the gaming experience. one good think i like is that you can skip driving to any destination by getting you partner to do the driving for you. i use this all the time to cut out the drab driving experience. but i would also have liked to have been able to skip the picking up objects part of the game as this gets really tedious and and extremely boring.

    now comes the main part of the game that was hyped up the interviews and interrogation. well apart from the graphics being excellent it is totally pointless. it doesn't matter if you make a complete mess of questioning the case always gets closed at the end of the day and your onto your next case. this was a real shock to me that i was playing a pointless game. in every other game I've ever played you have to get things right to continue in the game but not with L.A. Noire. so if the gameplay is weak and pointless there is no online experience then that just leaves you with the story and back to my original point. L.A. Noire is a game but really its a film with some uninteresting things to do with a control pad in between watching the film.

    so 3 stars from me, graphics, story and script are all good. but the gameplay apart from there not being any is terrible.

  2. Brink


    Xbox 360

    21 New from  £2.48  Free delivery

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     a full on adrenaline rush


    brink is by far one of the best games i own for giving me that natural adrenaline rush that i love.

    now the game is in the process of getting fixed and to be honest they are not major faults as i see it. i get the odd bit of lag but if i try another game then its usually fine. and as for knocking the graphics because of texture pops then try playing L.A. Noire a game that took 3 times as long as brink to develop and watch the constant textures popping in that. its just your old 360 cant pull off modern games anymore like it used to

    i also have to stick up for the A.I. in this game all i read is that they dont help you. well my A.I. are always looking out for me by healing and giving me ammo. i even have played better games with the A.I. compared to real player because some real players are not always that good. or you can be in a team where 6 players are an engineers and 2 are medics. so you have no ammo refills because nobody is a soldier on your team. but this will never happen on a full team of A.I.

    but back to my original point. brink just gives me the ultimate buzz when your team is ticking like clock work and your team have 1 minute left to complete the last objective to complete the mission.
    now you have to understand that a game can last up to 30 mins in some cases and your team have worked hard together to get to this last stage of the mission.so when the rest of your team are depending on you to deliver that briefcase before your time runs out that's when the adrenaline kicks in. but as its a team game your teammates will not let you down or leave all the burden on your shoulders. I'm playing as an engineer and was the first one back at the pick up point for the briefcase. anyone can carry it but i just happened to be the first one there to pick it up. this is our last chance to try and break through the enemy's defence and deliver that briefcase to its destination. one little slip-up now and we can kiss our hard fought battle goodbye.

    so you start sprinting and jumping, vaulting, sliding under every obstacle in your way. but you not alone your team are right there with you making sure no enemy will gun you down. you turn a corner and an enemy gun turret is locked onto you and lets loose a hail of bullets. you manage to throw a grenade at the turret before diving back behind the corner again. the the grenade explodes and damages the turret the rest of your team open fire and finish the turret off. but your in bad shape your one more hit away from death. but your medic is quick to deal with it. he buffs your health and also gives you the sprint ability that he can give to his team mates. your soldier buffs your ammo for the final assault and gives you a Kevlar vest to give you some well needed protection. you glance at the timer you have 30 seconds left. its now or never. off you sprint again around the corner the enemy are spread out defending the drop off point for the brief case. but you make a bee line for it. bullets fly everywhere around you some missing some taking a hit on your life but the medics health boost and the soldiers Kevlar vest make sure you can keep on going through the bulletstorm. your team mates are picking off the enemy for you and as you glance at the timer again its ticking down 5,4,3 you deposit the brief case. did you make? there is a short pause. then the words mission success appears on the screen. you punch the air and let out a well deserved YES!

    that is what brink is like to play if its played right. its all about team work and working as one. you will never win a mission on your own. but with a good team you can become unstoppable killing machine. and that's why i love brink.

  3.  definitely the best racing game to date


    having played this game from the day of its release i gave it 4 stars after a week of playing it. i said it should deserve 5 but i could only give it 4 stars at the time because of some minor issues that are about to get fixed by a patch that is coming out shortly. so i'll pretend that the technical faults like game crashes have been fixed for this new review.

    so why 5 stars well i've played many driving games from fun arcade games like split second to your supposedly sim driving games like forza. but shift 2 unleashed meshes the two together. its complete and utter fun and a blast hammering it around corners and down long straights while feeling completely in control of your car at all times. now some reviewers have complained about car handling and also not being able to take a corner very fast or your spinning of the track. well yes when you first start off in a rubbish ford focus you will find these things happening but bear with the game and once you unlock the GT3 series which is the start of the pro racing then you will also have cars that will stick to corners like glue and travel at such rapid speeds that you will let out a wow wow sound before slamming on the brakes and then throwing your car into the next corner confident it will respond to your every command.
    this game is not for drivers or racing fans that dont like a challenge. to unlock the GT3 series you will find it hard going. you will not win a race first time you will get frustrated and you will feel the same delight that a real driver probably feels when he wins a race in real life. your emotions and skills are constantly tested. but you will be rewarded with your patience once that GT3 opens up to you. because at level 15 you will get the free Porsche 911 GT3 that will leave all other cars eating its exhaust fumes. this car like many of the cars in this category are outstanding in performance and handling. trust me you will love them.

    now for the car handling this is a major talking point with this game i use the official xbox force feedback steering wheel and i spent at least 2hrs messing about with the settings using the F1 Mclaren car to try out the settings on because its one of the best cars for handling and super fast and you also get to use it in the early stages of the game. you do need to get the settings just right for the game to really come alive. if you cant be bothered with doing this then dont buy the game. but if you are dedicated to your driving and racing games then getting the steering wheels settings right is a must in this game. i've also played it with the game-pad and its also alot easier than with the wheel so dont think just because you like a driving game but dont have a wheel you wont get alot from this game you will and i completed may races in 1st place with the pad so dont be put off with all my wheel talk.

    the in game car A.I. is aggressive if you bang into them or shunt them from behind. so dont be surprised when they do the same back to you but it adds to the realism and character of the game.

    the graphics are good and the sound is excellent. but remember its a driving game that means fast frame rates and with all the car and track damage that remains throughout a race your xbox is doing well to produce everything you see considering the xbox is running on outdated software these days.

    i've not played online that much only about 2 or 3 games so i'm not going to say if its good or bad just that its pretty much like every other driving game when you play it online. it all depends on the other drivers whether you'll have a good time or not.

    so if you've been unsure about renting or buying this game you have to give it alot of time and patience. but i love it

  4.  not very fast


    I know some people think this is the god of driving games on the xbox. but not me. i like driving a fast computerized car to give me a bit of a buzz and a thrill. i have 3 other driving games and forza is the slowest driving game out of the lot of them. the cars are nice to look at in the garage and you have a lot of them to choose from. but even the bugatti veyron the fastest car in the world feels really slow to drive in this game. so i have to say to any future buyers if speed is your thing you'll just not get the feeling of speed from this game.
    1 star for car graphics, 1 star for car handling, and 1 star for large choice of cars.
    its not a bad game but just too slow to get me excited about it.

  5.  its a lot better than you would think


    I bought this before Christmas and i thought for a 16GB mp3 player there had to be a catch like poor sound quality or something. but i really cant fault it one bit. if anything it takes a bit of getting used to navigating the menu screens but that's only because this little box of tricks has so many options for you to mess around with.

    as well as a 16GB mp3 player it has a radio which you can also record what you listening to on the radio and it stores it on your mp3 memory for you. you can also record your own voice if you feel the need with a built in mic on the mp3 player.

    as for the mp3 player itself the sound quality is top notch. I'm very fussy when it come to sound quality and this little player packs a massive punch (if you pick the rest of the world setting when you power it up for the first time) and also the quality of sound is very good. i have a pair of top of the range pair head phones that when i plugged into the player sounded amazing. as i said sound quality is a big thing with me. if you dont like the preprogrammed graphic equalizer then there is also a 5 band custom one for you to mess about with.

    other features like music folders can be created on your PC if you want to put your music into say dance,rock,rap categories yourself and its very easy to do. the mp3 player will automatically sort every artists alphabetically for you displaying on the LED on the front of the player the artist and track name. you can fast-forward or rewind tracks and shuffle and repeat are there if you want.

    along with the mp3 player you get a usb cable to charge the player and transfer music onto the player via your p.c. you'll need your own usb 3 pin adaptor if you want to charge it on a wall socket. but you can pick those up for about a pound theses days so its not a problem. the charge life on the player is also very good. a full charge will last you all day.

    you also get a decent pair of earphones. i have found before that you can sometimes get a good quality player but you get supplied with really cheap earphones. well these ones are a very good quality i was actually surprised at how good the sound was from them.

    so its 2 thumbs up from me i really cant knock it for its price considering its size, all its features, memory size and sound quality. I'd buy it!

  6.  you have to give the game time.


    i bought this when it first got released and to be honest i couldn't see what all the fuss was about. i gave it a review back then and only gave it 2 stars. well to say i was wrong about the game would be an understatement because now i love it to bits and constantly keep going back to it nearly every week.

    my change in mind about this game happened when i thought i was half way through the game but after completing it, it turns out i was only about a quarter of the way through it at the time.

    the reason for this was at the start of the game your just learning the ropes of being a cowboy, riding horses, herding cattle, and shooting vermin and cattle rustlers. it was very slow moving and not what you would expect from a rockstar game. the cut-scenes were long and seemingly constant with very little gameplay for you to do afterwards.
    so i wrote a review on this game explaining why this was not the great hype that it was meant to be.

    then it happened i crossed the river to Mexico and suddenly the game finally showed its true colours. the story grabbed me like no other game. i couldn't wait to see the next cut-scene to get the next installment of this great western story. the gameplay got more involved and i had choices to make that could mean life or dead for both me or others round about me.

    this game is truly epic. i have also purchased the undead add-on which is another fantastic game and story.online is where you can do just about anything you can think of there are an abundance of gaming options from team gangs, death match, co-op or going it alone you'll never get bored.

    so my final words are i apologize to rockstar for slating your game before i really gave it a chance. and a would also urge anyone else that thinks its a bit slow of the marks to also give it time like a fine wine. because it will blow you away.

  7.  Another bench mark driving game


    I would have let this game pass me by until a month ago i noticed it was getting made by codemasters. and then my eyes lit up. these were the people that brought us Dirt 2 one of the best driving games of all time in my opinion. and once again they delivered another bench mark in the driving genre.

    as a gaming sim i was expecting it to be a bit like Dirt 2 where you do have to get used to the cars handling and speed which can be frustrating when you first get the game. but in F1 they have made it user friendly right from the start. you can set your car up so that all you have to do is press down on the accelerator button and keep it there. then when the car comes to a corner it automatically slows down to the right speed and all you have to do is steer the car. then it speeds back up again until the next corner where it does the same thing again for you. it might seem like not much of a challenge but what it does is allows you to still be in the mix of the race while learning how fast you have to be going to take a corner without spinning of the track. while still enjoying the thrills of F1 racing at the same time. but i've still not finished above 6th position even using this helping hand. so it goes to show you that the game does still require a high level of skill. but if your a novice then you can make it easy for yourself but not to ruin your enjoyment of the game.

    everybody else has pretty much said all the other positives that i would agree with in this game. and you'll never want to drive on a dry track again after experiencing the jaw dropping graphics of a wet race.honestly it will blow you away.

    if was forced to pick out a negative in this game it might be the cars handling if your using a control pad. it is just that little bit twitchy but only because you tend to flick the stick on the pad from left to right in every driving game not just this one. its just one of those things about control pads. but it DOES NOT in any way spoil the game or the driving experience. other people have said that it works great with a steering wheel and codemasters did put alot of effort into making the steering wheel experience a good one.
    and just one last personal gripe and its not even an issue. but i'd have loved a few more music tracks to go along with the already top notch music tracks to accompany the replays of your race.

    this is a must have 5 star racing game that delivers all the way. Buy it.

  8.  very predictably and slow moving


    oh dear looks like i don't really like werewolf films as i only gave it 2 stars. but i do like them. i thought an American werewolf in London was a brilliant film. but this film for me was just to predictable and it took ages to get going. and the transformation of him turning into a werewolf was really quick and not as visually stunning as i was expecting and not as terrifying an experience as in the American werewolf in London. i don't know how many times my mind wandered in between the werewolf scenes it is far to long a film for the very short plot that it involves. i think this film tried to be like the new batman films all grown up and going back to basics. but it just never hit the level that it should have for a so called scary film character.
    the special effects were good but not good enough for a film of today's standards. an American werewolf in london's special effects in its day were ground breaking as a comparison to this films efforts.
    so if you want a basic run of the mill werewolf film with a predictable plot. nothing much going on in between werewolf changes and average special effects then give it a go. but you will not be blown away with it.

  9.  peter jackson does it again


    i sometimes read negative reviews and wonder if these people know better than the people giving it great reviews. so when i watched this film i wanted it to be as good as the film trailer looked. but sometimes film trailers make a film look better than the film really is. but not in this case. right from the very start of the film i was glued to the screen like no other film i have ever seen. it just does not let up even to give you a background to what the film is about or who the characters are them self. which is common practice in most films. but in this film its just a constant flow of visual action going on along with a really tight and realistic script to back it up. to tell you the plot would spoil the film. but what i will say is that it was a really original idea that i have never seen before in any other alien encounters films. but don't be expecting an all action war film like war of the worlds. its not that type of film I'm glad to say. this film has far more intelligence to it. as for the picture quality i never once thought i was watching an ordinary DVD. the picture quality was fine.
    once again peter jackson does not let film lovers down. i cant wait for his next film the Hobbit.

  10.  its not an all guns blazing film.


    there seems to be some confusion in the reviews for this film because it falls under the war genre.
    its not an all guns blazing private Ryan or black hawk type film. but it still manages to keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. i really like a good war film and it doesn't have to be full of body parts and gunfire for me to say its a good war film.

    its made as if its a documentary and i really liked the way it was filmed. it seemed to draw me more into it and make it feel like i was there. a bit like the start of private Ryan except all the carnage obviously. but that's the way the film is captured. and it does contain grain that is common practice in documentary style films these days but that doesn't bother me one bit or spoil my viewing of the film.

    its best not to know the plot of the film as it would spoil the suspense and there is something always going on even if its not a shootout gun battle to keep your eyes glued to the TV screen. its definitely not a talky film you wont be bored but don't expect big gun battles.

    i had never heard of this film until it received all its Oscar coverage. and i must say i can see now why it did so well at the Oscars.

    tense, gripping and well made.