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  1.  Bargain


    Good sound quality for the price, docking connector fits my iPhone 3G no worries and charges from both the battery input and the mains charger provided. iPhone does warn me that product is not compatible when I plug it in, but works none the less (only issue is that you cannot connect it properly with the docking unit if you have any kind of case on your Iphone, but a small 3.5m headphone jack cable proivded can get round this). Set mine up in the kitchen to watch BBC iPlayer while I make the dinner....fantastic at less than 10 pounds !! (I'm going to buy 2 more, 1 for the bathroom and one for the bedroom).

  2. Raven



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     Not original, but certainly hard to put down.


    Well written story (although the concept has been used in book and film many times before) which flows well and kept me bound up in this 8th century world for a couple of days. Its a shame that there are no surprises and no real plot twists though. Dissapointed with some of the 'Battle' scenes as well, the one at night with a surprise attack by the welsh appeared to stop mid fight with the protaganist, about the be killed quite badly is all of a sudden safe!! Didn't really make a lot of sense, but the rest of the story is entertaining. I look forward to more stories of Osric from Mr Kristian.

  3.  Good Luck - You'll need it


    An unforgiving account of our darkest days against the Zed head pathogen. If like me you took the Zombie survual guide, read it, re read it and committed it to memory then also like me you'll want to know what we're up against, how the living turned the War and finally what we're going to do about taking back our planet.
    Don't be fooled by its ficticuous looking cover, this is the ultimate in survivng the Z wars, from the first outbreak, to almost total annialation of the human race to us taking back what is ours with much predudice.
    A bible for the modern era.
    'and who would of thought Max Brooks is Mel Brooks son !!'

  4.  A film for the Lads


    Get a few of the lads round, a few beers and your in for an hour and a half of top notch british horror comedy. The effects are good (reminiscent of C4's Dead Set). Blokes can relate to every charater - there wont be one that doesn't remind you of a mate and the story flow is easy and jumps almost straight into the action. More like this from Jake West please.......

  5.  Michael Crichton meets Max brooks


    Genius, the indepth science behind what goes on in this book is reminiscent of the Great Crichton, the pace is fast, action packed and squeezes 72 hours of fast paced, non stop action into just 3 hours of reading, to say i couldn't put this down is an understatement. If you enjoyed Brook's World War Z then this is a must read for you.

  6.  PS2 game released on Xbox360 !!


    It looks good, but that's it. Half baked story line, verging on boredom controls and cut scene's which last forever are only some of the let down's of this game. If you want to replay tombraider 1 but set in medievil times then this is for you. If you want a next Gen game for your Next Gen console then avoid this waste of time. I took mine back after only playing the first couple of levels.

  7. Spares



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     Sci-Fi Madness - Brilliant


    Utter genius, violent, sad, heroic, plot twists a plenty and some black, black sarcasm. MMS is an author for todays age.

  8.  Utter Rubbish


    This game plays and looks like a Megadrive drive game. Its Japanesse feel, openeing credits and options screen are like something out of the early 1990's. I cannot believe that in this modern era, with a console this powerful that someone would design a game this bad. The helicopter flies like a boeing 747, the Tank and armorder suit are slower than a snail and the ' Fantastic ' wepons are no such thing, avoid this game at all costs.