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  1.  Overated and technical issues


    I must say i was really looking forward to this film but i was very dissapointed it just did not seem to grab my attention,didn't appeal at all.When i first put it in my 3D bluray player my player refused to play it saying incompatible disc,not a problem with my player because the same day played another 2 discs fine,In the end i put my HUGO disc in my PS3 and luckily it played it.So look out for this.A strange one,first disc thats refused to play on my stand alone bluray player.

  2.  good all rounder


    I was that engrossed when watching this film, at times i forgot it was a CGI film (that's how good the standard of CGI is on this film,and films in general now).A really well conceived film.Story is excellent.Technically disc is superb the depth of the 3D image was excellent.BE better if ratio was 1.85:1 INSTEAD OF 2.35:1,but that aside otherwise image quality was excellent.You should seriously think of adding this to your 3D collection

  3. Salt



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    I thought this was a very enjoyable film if it want for the fact there is 2 more extended cuts of the film on the disc (DON'T KNOW IF THERE IS SIGNIFICANT IN THEM) there would not be much replay value in the film.I can normally take or leave extras but have been trying to access the resident evil feature on there but no luck with a dedicated BLURAY player (wired LAN connection) and playstation 3,it comes up about to play but will not play.Has anybody else experienced this?

  4.  GOOD FILM BUT.....


    I must say i was a little dissapointed with the picture quality on this,in my opinion not a great leap in picture quality over the DVD version.I thought the remastered DTS MA was a touch dissapointing plenty of front sounstage and yes there was effects in the rears but hardly dynamic.I know you buy a film more for the enjoyment of the film itself plot,acting ETC but i like the full package good surround sound and visuals.After all thats what you buy into BLURAY for.But still a deserved solid 4 stars because the film is still fantastic, a fine blend of action and comedy.Here is hanging on for bad boys 2 on BLURAY.Lets hope sound and visuals are better



    I am not doubting the audio isn't bad but Dolby true HD it aint.Unless i have missed something?.I have only got options in menu for regular Dolby digital 5.1,and uncompressed 5.1.Still looks and sounds OK though.



    Has the built in firewall in this router been known to conflict with firewall/anti-virus systems installed on your PC?.And has it got open NAT for easier online gaming



    Just watched this concert and the quality is unbelievable,something to do your blu-ray player justice.The sound in DTS master audio is top notch and as is the video quality.And of course the artists them selves fantastic,hard to believe they are only a 3 piece band!.Just watch neil pearts drum solo,it.s mesmerising!.



    But still in my opinion quite an enjoyable film all the same.Lets hope the powers that be do not intend to do another one because i think that would stretch things too far,just lay the franchise to rest at this one.I don't think theres a place for Harrison ford in this type of film anymore.As regards the disc itself picture and sound are A1,the surround sounds dynamic when it needs to be,but in the quieter scenes the surround sounds very atmospheric with jungle sounds ETC.Even the THX logo at the beginning will give your surround sound set up a work out (trust me!!!!)

  9.  Classic reinvented


    I also have this on dvd and always thought the picture transfer and surround track were excellent,so got this and the picture quality is excelllent and the dts master audio soundtrack is a stonker,definentely a refeference disc in this regard.An excellent movie now even better!



    Yes lets do this and play this excellent game ok as a single player game but where it really comes into it's own is on xbox live.Reviews speak for themselves.