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  1.  F1 2011 = Stunning


    Didnt think that they would be able to beat last years title but they actually have. They've definely taken if its not broke why fix it approach but with tweeks to make the game better. The AI is vastly improved and the addtion of KERs and DRS makes the racing much more involved. Ive only had a few races but i love this already.. Great Stuff :)

  2.  Best Tennis Game Ever!!


    im a huge tennis fan and have always been left rather dissapointed by the selection off tennis games out there.. But 2K have really pulled one out off the bag here. Without a doubt the best tennis game to date. Looks good plays great and has an excellant career mode thats really in-depth.. Doesent matter if your not a teenis fan you'll still really enjoy this one.. Its Fantastic!!

  3.  Stunning All Round


    Finally theres a decent F1 out.. Codemasters really are the masters when it come to making racing games.. With everything from Race Driver to Dirt.. Im pleased to say that they have pulled it off yet again.. If waited years for a decent F1 game but now finally the wait is over.. Everything is here from short race weekends to long race weekends. Career mode in fantasticly in deepth , you even have to talk to the press after the race, great touch. The graphics are stunning which is best shown off when its starts to rain which is jaw droopingly good.. And to round it all off nicely FINALLY a F1 racer online.. And this works a treat online.. I would say you need the Xbox wheel and foot pedals to get the full awesome experiance from this game but if you dont have it dont be put off coz if your an F1 fan it should be made illegal if you dont own this game.. It really is that good.. Welldone codemasters and thank you...

  4.  Didnt Think It Would Be That Bad!!


    When i saw this i wasnt expecting much.. But this film is so awfull its not really worth writing anything about it.. Its a waste of Christian Bales tallent and why was such a massive film franchise put in the hands of such an awfull director.. The scprit is awull and the story dosent make any sense. When you see the most powerfull terminator that could ever possibly be built you are in for a bit of a surprise when at the end of the film you see a new Terminator which is the most powerfull that could ever possibly be built.. So awful i actaully asked for my money back in the cinema but of course didnt get very far.. Dont waste you money on this garbage.. I can understand if your a big terminator fan and you have to see it, but rent it dont buy it.. Truely terrible...

  5.  Worth Buying Now its In The Sale


    This is without a doubt the worst series of 24 buy quite a long way. The story is rubbish, nothing happens through out the whole thing and the ending was no where near the 24 standards we've all come to expect, infact it was down right terrible. I have been waiting for the price to drop before buying this so now it has its on its way to me. But i would still only reccomend it to the die hard 24 fans coz its pretty poor stuff..