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  1.  Better than Demon Souls, worse than Dark Souls 2


    If you haven't played Dark Souls 2 my advice would be play that first, it is a superior game in every way. Darks Souls 1 controls are very clumsy by comparison and there are far too many 'cheap death' scenarios that have carried over from Demon Souls (if walking along narrow girders whilst archers fire at you and one hit knocks you to your death floats your boat then you will love Dark Souls, as there are lots of areas like that. If you prefer well constructed levels with hard but fair combat and deaths will be your fault and not the game mechanics, then get Dark Souls 2 instead. If you don't like Dark Souls 2 you will absolutely hate Dark Souls 1 and Demon Souls.

  2.  Don't listen to anyone that says this is good


    I couldn't believe just how poor this games is.

    Very linear - comparisons with the Fallout series are garbage, you have only 1 route to go and no character improvement.

    The game has crashed numerous times (forcing a complete system shut down and reboot).

    Worst game I have ever played.

  3.  About 10 years behind the times


    This game is truly awful, it's game structure has not moved on since it's predecessor. It is like playing a poor version of the original Diablo but nowhere near as much fun. The voice acting is laughable and the combat is clumsy and repetitive. Save your money and wait for Diablo 3.

  4.  Very average. More 1st person shooter than survival Horror.


    I have played Resident evil games since the original on the 1st Playstation and loved them all, until now. Clearly the graphics are fantastic in RE5 but once you strip that away you are left with a very poor first person shooter with a few 'trial and error' sequential button pressing cutscenes inbetween. The partner system doesn't quite work (the AI is far too simplistic) and detracts from the true 'you're on your own' survival horror experience. As RE4 was one of the best games of all time, it is disappointing to see such a poor successor. If you want a more 'Resident Evil-esque' experience, try Dead Space, or wait for RE6!

  5.  Simple to setup and easy to use


    I previously had a Philips Pronto RU990 that cost around £600 but got fed up with the complex setup you needed to do every time you changed a part of your system, plus numerous other problems.
    So I thought I'd give this new cheaper model a try and am very impressed.
    It took less than an hour to set up all my devices and also put in some simple macro commands (switch all system off, watch a DVD etc) that can then be performed by pressing one button.
    The most common buttons on your original remotes are present as 'hard' buttons on the remote. The less common ones can be selected from the LCD list.
    Sky works particularly well as you can program in favourite channels that will appear as icons on the lcd (such as the MTV logo) which when pressed will go straight to the channel on sky. Also, the red, green, blue and yellow buttons are hard buttons (many similar universal remotes only have these as lcd buttons - such as the Harmony one remote) which make it much easier to use with Sky.
    For any device codes that are not built into it (my light switch dimmer for example) can be copied by pointing the original remote at it and pressing the desired button.
    I can't find any flaws with this product.

  6.  Time to trade in your PS3!


    I bought a 360 when they first came out but sold it when my ears started bleeding due to the fan and drive noise it emitted. I then bought a PS3 when they first came out but have recently sold that too and bought a new 360- why? I hear you ask !

    The new 360's are much quieter and reliable now (mine is a Sep 2008 manufacture date which is apparently the newest chipset that requires less power = less heat = less noise, also the latest 360 live update allows you to fully install games to the hard drive -so you don't even hear the DVD drive noise anymore).

    The only remaining advantage of the PS3 is Blu-ray, but as Sony have just brought out a fantastic Blu-ray player (BDP-S350) which you can buy for around £150 with 2 free blu-ray films, then there really is no reason to buy a PS3 anymore, as the cost of a new premium Xbox plus the Sony Blu ray player (which by the way is much better at playing Blu-ray films than a PS3) is within £10 of a new Ps3.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm neither a Sony nor a Microsoft fan, I will switch to whatever I think is best and at the moment Xbox has the edge due to better online experience and better exclusive games (e.g. Fable 2, Left 4 Dead and the new GTA4 add-on due Feb 09).

    Take my advice, if you've got £300 to burn, buy a 360 premium and a Sony BDP-S350 and get the best of everything.