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  1.  Great bit of Friday merchandise


    At long last a very affordable Jason mask . Dont get thinking that this is one of those cheap looking rubber masks that you see in fancy dress shops , this is a quality product . A lot of care has gone in to this , even the inside has been painted . One question , why does the release date keep on getting pushed back when it is easily available in most town center specialist memrobillia shops .

  2.  This was when Argento was great


    From The Bird With The Crystal Plumage up until Opera, Dario Argento was the true master of horror and suspense . This is not one of his best films of that era but is still a classic , so that tells you how good he used to be . Yet again Arrow have done another of there classic clean ups on this movie , it looks magnificent , clean and crisp . The reds and blues never bleed into each other ,its never looked so good. And another load of extras, so stop reading this and bye the movie, Halloween is just round the corner.

  3.  Great film but .......?


    Not a retelling of Alice In Wonderland but a sequel . Sounds strange but it works . The acting is very good all round , the CGI never pulls you out of the movie as it does with most movies today, in fact because of the madness woven in to the very heart of this film it works in it`s favour . Picture and sound quality are amazing , true show off your TV and Blu Ray material. Why only three stars then ?? . Yet again Tim Burton has got the Status Quo of composers to do the same old music sound track again , yes Danny Elfman is on hand to rehash his greatest hits package . The same old Waa Waa load and Waa Waa qiet . Sorry but a poor music sound track does spoil a movie .

  4.  Fingers crossed for good picture quality


    Lets hope the picture quality on this release is better than all the DVD versions of it up to now . Arrow have released some crackers on Blu Ray.Dawn Of The Dead was stunning and Day Of The Dead was breath taking . But like all of Fulcis films this is a very low budget Italian movie , and the film stock show this . So lets hope Arrow have a few tricks up there sleves .City is the first part of The Gates Of Hell trilogy , and the weakest , but thats not to say that its not a good horror movie ,its just that the next two films , The Beyond and House By The Cemetery are classics of Italian horror . Lets hope Arrow will release those on Blu Ray soon . Back in the early days of anything goes video this was cut , and i will not spoil the scene in question for people who have not seen this movie ,but its a cracker it still holds up in these days of Saw and Hostel . So my fingers are crossed and i am looing forward to this landing on my door mat . And at 16.99 Play are giving it away so treat yourself to the original before it gets remade, you owe it to your self . OK so it`s update time . Film turned up yesterday , and what can i say . Arrow have done yet another sterling job . There is still a fair ammount of film grain but thats the fault of the original negative it`s always looked like that . But i have never seen this amount of detail before , it`s the best this movie has ever looked . The new 7.1 sound track is very good ,speech is very clear and the rear speakers are busy all the way through the movie , the mono track is present as well just for sados like myself . Yet again Arrow have put together a fantastic package , 4 cover options ,double sided poster ,6 post cards, another fantastic booklet by Calum Waddell . And hours of extras . Look at the price £12.99 , buy it go on you know you want it .

  5.  Rude and crude


    Not a bad little animated movie . Very funny in places , but falls flat in others . But it moves along at a good pace so it`s never dull . So if you like the adult animated sex comedys of the 70`s then this is for you , if you like Disney and Pixar then avoid .

  6.  What a great T shirt


    I have brought many a T shirt in my life , but not many have been as good as this one . The print is nice and thick it will not fade after a few washes . And the cotton of the shirt it`s self is of a great quality . Nice fit to .

  7.  A bit of a rip off


    This is the same figure that Cult Classics released back in 2004 with a slightly different paint job . So if you have got the Freedy VS Jason set avoid this and save a bit of money . If you have not got that set then get this figure as it is a very well made .

  8.  So Sweet It Hurts


    Most fun T Shirt ever . And it glows in the dark !!!!!!!!!!!!! Brilliant . My son loves it , my wife thinks i look sad .

  9.  Look whos back,and it`s about time


    Thank the stars, The Doctors back . This is not Russell T Davies Doctor ,(oh the time war it makes me sad , Rose has gone that makes me sad , The Masters dead i think that makes me sad to ). But this is The Doctor that i grew up with, the happy adventurer that wants to know whats round the next corner , and who`s got a smile on his face and a spring in his step . Its early days yet but so far this has been a great season . Matt Smith is a great Doctor , and his enthusiasm for the role shines through , the same can be said for Karren Gillan who is brilliant as Amy Pond who can forget the look on her face the first time she walked into The Tardis pure magic . Mr Moffet you are doing a sterling job mate keep it up