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  1.  Unsung Classic...


    I echo all the comments by the other reviewers here, the film has this strange, almost unnerving mystique behind it that keeps you glued to the end.

    The print is intentionally grainy, so don't let that out you off as it's meant to look that way. Again, the acting here is first rate - John Hurt and Jodie Foster both excel in conveying the unravelling, often complicated plot!

    One thing not mentioned is the sound. Utterly incredible even by todays modern standards. There are some truly unsettling scenes that make superb use of sound - as Foster enters the time machine and the camera pans over the 'tunnel' that lurks. The sound of the machine spinning around throbs and pulsates from the subwoofer and pounds your chest.

    Similarly, the energy wave generated as the scientists watch from the ship out at sea is pretty seismic!

    Well worth it with the 2 for 18 offer, you won't regret it...

  2.  Flawed to begin with, untiiiil.....


    ......you update it to the new V20.0.005 firmware released recently by Nokia. OMG! Like a total transformation to the whole OS. Nokia have obviously had a chance to crack all the bugs from luanch and boy does it make a massive difference to the whole user experience. I'm never one to go OTT when it comes to phones, (ex CPW employee and really seen the best and worst there is!!), but this handset has had a bit of a cliched kicking by the mobile press. Okay, this will not scale the dizzy app heights of iPhone or HTC - but for crying out loud what more do people want a phone to do!!! Want the weather, check it before you go out! Wanna watch Sky, watch it properly on your HD TV you spent thousands on! A lot of apps are simply designed to show off your phone to people, i've learnt this over the years :-)

    This actually comes with some great installed apps out of the box, AccuWeather uses GPS to get real time weather without having to fuss about with locations, the built in SatNav for driving and walking is superb, (really, Nokia have had years to perfect it and it really shows), the Facebook/Twitter apps are great and are twinned with the phones OS so uploading pics and videos is a breeze.

    People moan here about the web browser being clunky, just download Opera Mini 5 and this phone really excels, easily as good as iPhone, (used one extensively and it really shines compared to Apples beast), with lovely fluidity with the capacative screen using just your finger. Ovi is awesome once you get to grips with it, and the built in WIFI has never let me down even at the limits of the connection at home, (eg, at the end of the garden!).

    The music software is basically a de-branded XpressMusic, identical to other Nokia devices with this function, and the bundled Bluetooth earphones are superb, these alone are worth 50bucks, plus you can swap them for your own if you wish - take note Sony Ercisson!.

    Camera is the almost standard Carl Zeiss 5mp AF unit, and for good reason. Having spent 3 years studying photography at college this camera has the perfect balance and is absolutely ideal for the casual user. The macro close up mode takes pics of superb detail, even the most anal of people can't deny they are very pretty photo's. 12.1 MP does not a good camera make! Great VGA video@30fps tops off the imaging.

    Out of the box with the version 12 firmware, people will definitely feel cheated for the cash, the OS stutters and hangs, (no way to turn off, you have to remove the battery and start again!), the RAM fails to flush itself out meaning even the phone log will time out! However the new V20 firmware is now available to everyone, even Three network which i am on. This gives the x6 a massive turbo boost in performance, the interface is now instantaneous, with kinetic scrolling enabled through every menu, the image gallery is now much quicker, Flash works a treat, BBC Iplayer now works even when browsing the BBC website using the Opera browser, and the lowish volume when listening with headphones has now been boosted - plus various other tweaks to make this a thoroughly rounded and VERY capable performer, This is no longer a 'slight disappointment', this is a truly decent piece of kit and i now don't feel stupid i passed up the option of the E72 or Ericsson Vivaz.

    Touch phones were never my thing but this is tremendous day after day, even the battery life is good! The dodgy back cover is no issue as i use a rubber casing to keep it safe from dropsies.

    Love it, well worth the money, (okay a free upgrade but you get what i mean :-) )

  3.  What a blinder!!


    It's the same old cliche, lightning never strikes twice and all that. However, one summers night in 1999 i remember me and a big group of mates going to the UCI Cinema in Cardiff to see Toy Story 2...By the time i'd walked out after the outtakes it hurt to breathe i'd laughed so hard! From the parody opening sequence, (complete with deliberate mistake - did you spot the floating rocks as Buzz flies through the rocky valley? It was meant to be full of water....), to the genuinely sad sentimental pieces, (the Sarah Mclachlan music when Sandy tells of when her owner abandoned her brings a tear to my eyes every time, listen to the commentary and see how similar the directors felt....), right to the rousing closing scenes as Woody is rescued. This is genuine 100% cinematic gold.

    Toy Story 2 manages that rare blend that means there is never a dull moment. There's so much packed that every grown up is guaranteed to laugh at many of the jokes, whilst the kids will still laugh cause it just sounds daft to them! (the scene where Barbie has a jibe at toy stores Buzz Lightyear shortage still raises a chuckle).

    And that's before you even begin to digest the amazing animation which is leaps and bounds above even the 1st movie. Again this is pristine all the way through, the reflection on Buzz's helmet as he lands on earth, the tiny dimples on Peeps hat, (the best tv's really will unravel the minutest of detail), the intimate detail as Woody has a makeover, (spot the guy from the short off A Bugs Life), finished off with colour and depth that really has that 3D 'Pop' that only Blu Ray can muster. And then there's the sound...WOW!! Hold on to your sofa, strap down the cat, secure any glasses, and let the subwoofer blow the room apart! Simply reference quality audio by Gary Rydstrom, (look him up on Wikipedia, this guy with the unnasuming dodgy jumper has masterminded some of the best movie audio EVER. Fact).

    As with Toy Story this has an amazing group of extras and a frankly hilarious commentary that goes to show how much pride and fun these guys had making this 'movie'.

    Get this along with the 1st movie and prepare not be disappointed.....

  4.  The same classic Toy Story....


    .....brought to life even more than the original DVD Special Eds in this simply fabulous Blu Ray copy. Ok you can see that 10 years have passed in some of the animation, (Sids dog is a prime example lol), but other than these very silly shortcomings, this remains one of THE classic CGI & animated movies of many generations.

    Just the detail on rex's plastic casing is enough to convince Blu Ray defeatists that this is miles ahead of DVD. It actually LOOKS like plastic, not just shiny rendering like it used to. The little plastic dimples on Potato Head, the fibres on Andy's bed sheets, i could go on - just be prepared to really enjoy this all over again. Pixar have seen fit to bless the Blu Ray with absolutely 1st rate picture and audio that nobody would be disappointed with.

    All backed up with a brilliant package of extras. I laughed my head off the same as i did when i saw this in good old patchy vision at the local Odeon 15 years ago, (god Dolby Surround seemed amazing in those days!), and the kids and my girlfriend loved it too. Plus the extras have the same lick of polish as the movie itself, providing value way beyond the asking price. And to top it off, there's a DVD copy included for the kids to watch, again with all the same great extras and excellent picture quality, (for DVD).

    On it's own an absolute must have, with the BOGOF offer, an utter bargain. Get this and Toy Story 2 and laugh and cry yourself silly....