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  1.  Thoroughly addicted!


    I haven't read this sort of genre before (erotic romance), but felt I would give it a try as it seems to be a real publishing sensation at the monent....well......"I was soooo not disappointed!" I LOVED it, romantic, great story, and really naughty!!, there is a lot of sex in this book, if you're thinking of giving it a try, do, I don't want to give any of the finer details of the story away, I think it''s best to read without too much knowledge of the plot beforehand.

    A must read if only to know what all the hype is about!, but you won't be disappointed!! ( and there are 2 more in the series to enjoy!!)

  2.  Deadlocked


    I am an avid "Sookie Stackhouse" fan and always look forward to Charlaine's new books. Having said that, this had a good story lots more revelations about Sookie's family but it didn't have enough "Vampire" action as her books do at the beginning of the series for me, this isn't a criticism it's just my preference, still love the series and would thoroughly reccomend, but you must start at the beginning of the series to enjoy this one!

  3.  Wow!, quite simply brilliant !


    What a great book, Wow !, and this is a debut novel also. Quite simply i cannot speak highly enough of this novel. I haven't enjoyed a book so much since "One Day" and the "Steig Larson" Trilogy. This book kept me so gripped i could not put it down and read the entire book in two sittings which is unusual for me, i simply had to know what was going to happen to Christine.

    Simply the story is this: Christine awakes every morning having no knowledge of who she is, where she is, or anyone around her, each day she is told the same information from her husband she awakes next to; she had an accident years ago and has lost her memory, only to wake the following morning and not remember a thing. Christine starts to keep a journal as recommended by Dr Nash whom has been helping her, of all that happens to her each day, but each day has to be reminded to read it by Dr Nash not knowing what it contains. I won't give anything away as this would spoil the book all i will say is nothing is as it seems !

    Please read this book, it's brilliant Ridley Scott has already signed the rights for a film, but read the book first. GREAT STUFF!!!

  4.  No Dan Brown!!


    I have heard this book described as a sort of "Dan Brown" meets
    Angels, i'm afraid this book is no Dan Brown. It has elements i.e. the mythology, the chase, the finding out the truth by the end, but it lacked real suspense and I felt the characters were cold you never really felt an association to them as in other books.

    The plot felt a bit weak, don't get me wrong it was a very good idea but another author , I feel, would have put more "meat on the bones" so to speak. Hence i won't be buying the sequel, Angelopolis.

  5.  Really Good!!


    This is the third in the "Fallen" series. I enjoyed this latest installment very much, this book takes us back in history, to visit all of "Luce and Daniel's" past selves, which was very interesting and gave a real feal for all various different places through time.

    I recommend these books if you're a lover of the supernatural genre, they're well written, and each book builds in it's telling of the tale, a real page turner, i skipped through it in no time at all, and the book is left with what should be a brilliant final book next year.

  6.  Wishy, Washy


    I read this book on the basis of good reviews I had read for it. I have to say I was a bit disappointed, I felt it was a little wishy washy, nothing really seemed to happen. I much prefer Lyndsey Kelk / Paige Toon if i'm going to read a "Chick Lit".
    I can't quite see where the high star ratings come from for this book, I felt the overall book lacked depth of story and Oooomph!, as they say!

  7.  Really Good!!


    I have read all of Lyndsey's books and have loved them! and was eagerly awaiting this new one (which is a stand alone novel, and not part of her "I Heart" series)

    This was light-hearted and along the same sort of style that Lyndsey has used before, i.e., girls gets dumped by boyfriend, has lots of fun finding a new one with her friends!.

    Really good, an easy read, perfect for the summer, I reccomend it!

    P.S. If you haven't read Lyndsey's previous books "I Heart New York" etc. start with those they're brilliant!!!!

  8.  Die for Me


    This was o.k., the idea was new; (a supernatural story, not about the usual Vampires / Angels / Werewolves though) this was about revenants, (which are in a nut shell, people wo have died, come back to life, and then subsequently save the lives of people about to die, by dying in their place)

    Sound complicated, but it isn't really. The story was o.k, I think this is really a book suited to the "Y.A." bracket only (some of these books within this genre can quite easily be read by all, but this one
    doesn't, I feel, only because I felt it was a little rushed towards the end, and the story could have been much grittier!

  9.  Another Coffee Lover!!!


    This is the second of Jo's books that I have read, the first being "The Snowman", this was as good as that, infact i think this could be even slightly better than that!

    Full of twists and turns, his books give you a real feel for life in Norway. What is so good about Jo Nesbo compared to other Crime authors' is that he really does keep you guessing, as to who the murderer is, just when you think aha! I know who it is, you turn a few more pages, and realise oh, perhaps not!

    I did guesss corectly near the end, but even then it wan't quite as I thought, with yet another twist, brilliant!!

    On a purely observational point - It has been referred to many times that Jo Nesbo is the "next Stieg Larson", and although they are similar their writing styles are quite different, however, one thing they do have in common (which I mentioned on a review for one of Stieg's books) is that Jo also is "Another Coffee Lover", so many times was "Coffee" mentioned in this book (as Stieg does in his), they're either; "putting the coffee machine on / having a cup of coffee / or going out for a coffee!", this tickles me immensely, they REALLY must be Coffee lovers in Norway!!!!

  10.  Absolutely Brilliant !!


    This book hasn't really been advertised, and I can't for the life of me understand why, the whole "supernatural" genre is so popular at the moment, that I really am surprised this isn't really popular, because it certainly should be!

    One of the best in it's genre that I have read, and refreshingly different too. The story is based around imortals (but not the usual Vampire's) This had undertones of Anne Rice's "Interview with a Vampire" it had the same sort of feel. I loved the way the book starts present day, and then works backwards and re-tells the story of how we arrive there.

    This is the first of a trilogy and I can't wait for the next, this is the author's debut novel, and I have to say it didn't show, such was the level of her writing, each character within the book could quite easily be interesting as a book all on their own.

    The book is left quite clearly leaving the way for the reader to want to know more about (Lanny), but yet wraps everything up within the book so you're not left dangling!

    Absolutely brilliant, if you like, Tru Blood / Twilight etc. don't miss this book, it's that good!!