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  1.  A must for the Nazi Zombie game alone


    First person shooters have never really been my first choice of game. But I can honestly say after playing both COD 4 and now COD 5: WAW, I am a changed man. The gameplay is so good, so life like and responsive. The online content and playability is the best I've come across, so user friendly. The Nazi Zombie game is an excellent, original addition... My only reason for giving 4 stars instead of 5 is the fact you can only play with 2 players on this where it would be nice to have the option to play with 4 on split screen. Other than that, an excellent, brilliant looking game with hours and hours of play. Can't wait until COD MW 2. Awesome.

  2.  Metallica fans... In a word, AMAZING!


    I've had this game now for four days and I haven't left it alone. I have been a big Metallica fan for years but waned when they released St. Anger and the Some Kinda Monster DVD (near career suicide in my opinion). But the release of this game has certainly made me want to dust off my old Metallica albums and crank it up. The GH franchise is nothing short of genius. Who doesn't want to feel 'a bit' like their idols, the air guitar generations wishing they could play and sound as good at their heroes. Well now you can. The game play is slick, the interface is improved from the GHWT game, showing you on the main game screen your number of stars you will achieve with a progress bar that goes up the better you do and hence go up to the next 'star' rating... Also... You can get TROPHIES!!! Massive loss on the Guitar Hero 3 and GHWT formats that you couldn't get, and a major plus point for GH: Metallica. The setlist is excellent, can't really pick any fault, good range and diverse number of other band names (Alice in Chains and Slayer to name a couple... Awesome!) If you like Metallica you'll appreciate the brilliance that this sets. It will definitely open the floodgates for other class live bands to release their own title (can you imagine a MUSE GH!!!) I must for any fan, both of Metallica and Guitar Hero. I just need my other bass pedal now to have a go on Expert+ mode of drums for abit of 'Lars' double bass action!

  3.  Swallowed me up into a Supermassive Blackhole!


    Bought this as a momento as I was actually at the gig at Wembley! The best live gig I have ever seen. From start to finish Muse were a complete sonic assault on all the senses. No wonder these guys win all the 'Best Live Band' awards and struggle to get decent support acts... Who would want to support Muse??! This live CD/DVD is absolutely amazing. One for the history books. Buy it!

  4.  Excellent touch screen phone


    I've recently invested in Nokia's first touch screen after looking at various phones on the market. After a few days of getting used to the interface I am very happy with it. It is packed full with features - wi-fi internet, 3.5G, GPS maps, stereo music phone - to name a few. The touch screen is very responsive, works like the iphone screen does (it is not heat sensitive like many other, less responsive phones use) and is really easy to navigate around the menus and applications. A nifty proximity sensor on the screen mean if you want to silence your phone when a call comes through, just turn the phone onto its screen and it will silence the call. The one thing that stopped me giving this phone 5 stars is that the phone camera is only 3.2 megapixels, although better than most camera phones(including iphone!) it could of been 5MP or higher! A great phone that will have great longevity in such a consumable market!

  5. Veneer


    Jose Gonzalez - CD

    3 New from  £4.67  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.54

     Technically brilliant


    I was introduced to this Jose Gonzalez album by a friend. I can't recommend it highly enough. How can one man and his guitar create such technically textured music? It sounds so simple (but believe me, it isn't!) when listened to, so easy on the ear. Songs that feature on TV adverts seem to stand the test of time and Jose's cover of Swedish band The Knife Heartbeat is testament to this. Clean acoustic guitar lines combined with Jose's hypnotic voice is nothing short of excellence.

  6.  Musical genius... Hands down.


    This is one of my all time favourite albums. Many people will know Jeff Buckley from his immortal cover of the song Hallelujah. That song is just the crust of this album, only when you have listened to and absorbed other tracks such as Eternal Life, Last Goodbye and Dream Brother will you expose the core. Buckley could do it all, taking you on a musical journey of his life showing classical influences that define this album and Buckley as one of the greatest songwriters of our time.

  7.  Totally Brutal!!! Get to the Choppa!


    When I first heard this album I laughed at how comically good it was. This is one of those albums not to be taken too seriously. Using one liners from some of Arnie's biggest and best films and mixing it with crunching metal riffs is genius. I just wished I'd come up with the idea first.

  8. Takk


    Sigur Ros - CD

    21 New from  £5.65  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £6.99

     Sigur Ros's Victory Rose


    This is one of the most beautiful albums I own. So simple in some respects so baroque in others. Utilizing a wide spectrum of musical instruments, this album is an innovation and is highly original. From the first track this album takes you on an emotional rollercoaster of euphoria and contemplation. Sigur Ros are masters of what they do. You always know when a song is timeless when it is used for TV and songs hoppípolla and sæglópur are testament to this having been used for anything from Planet Earth to The X Factor. Sigur Ros... This is your Victory Rose.

  9.  A must for Blu-ray film users


    This was one of the first accessories I bought for my PS3. I knew I would be investing in Blu-rays to play on my PS3 as I use it as my main media centre and get annoyed when trying to use the PS controller. The full fuction remote is excellent, the rubber keys are tactile and it doesn't feel cheaply made. It is so much more user friendly than using your pad. And for less than a blockbuster Blu-ray costs you can't go wrong. After all you've probably spent £300+ on getting a PS3 in the first place so why scrimp now? I wouldn't be without mine!

  10.  Optimus is Primed!


    This is the first Blu-ray that I purchased after watching it at the cinema. As soon as I heard about this film I had to see it, having grown up watching Transformers cartoons and playing with the action figures. This film from start to finish is action/explosion packed. The sounds they make as they 'transform' has stayed the same as has Optimus's voice (Peter Cullen) which is a nice touch on Michael Bays part. It looks and sounds so good in hi-def (one of the best films to be blu-rayed). This is a keeper and is worth buying just for the opening sequence. Optimus never looked so cool. Buy it!