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  1.  amazing game


    I have to agree with most of the other postings that this is truly an amazing game, unlike games like Oblivion & similar games with free roaming big towns & cities this game actually fills them with crowds of people all going about their business and not just odd people wandering here and there. How the game engine handles such large numbers of people I don't know but It runs flawlessly on my system. Truly an amazing achievement. I found it annoying when I reached the end that I couldn't go back and do some of the unfinished assassinations etc so luckily I had a programme installed that let me set the hardrive to 2 days earlier where I had not reached the end.
    So, beware when you have collected all the of the codex and get tempted to go the the villa and complete the codex wall because shortly after is the part of no return unless you copy your save game first.
    Altho the Ubisoft servers keep track of your save games they also store a trigger point in your game launcher/storage folder

  2.  very underated game


    I think this game is very underated because it's far better than some of the pro revues led us to believe, as already mentioned elsewhere the graphics are awesome & don't lag my machine at all.
    In reality it's 2 games in one as you get to play both human & N'avi campaigns & you don't need to complete one before you can start the other either so at start of play each time you can choose which campaign to resume.
    Altho it can get repetitive with quests to fetch this & fetch that or find some rare crystals etc it doesn't get boring like Farcry2 with it's unaltering landscapes.
    When nightime suddenly appears it becomes almost magical with plants & creatures giving off a weird glow.
    There are lots of power up with weapons & abilities to earn as you go along, & a checkpoint save system that is better than most in that whatever lead to your death doesn't reappear for you to battle again so if you kill six enemies & just one remains & kills you the game reloads you with with just the one enemy to fight again. Both human & N'avi have to fight off packs of rabid Viperwolves in almost every area of the map & humans also get attacked by killer plants that either poison you with clouds of toxic spores, swipe you off your feet or shoot spikes up from the ground.
    Ground vehicles drive very well but I found the flying somewhat awkward to steer where I wanted, all other keyboard/ mouse controls worked very well.
    All in all one of the most enjoyable games for a long time