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  1.  Not bad


    A very interesting and catchy collection of minigames. Some of them are really good. Some are a bit tricky but still ok. Perhaps a better organization of the whole thing would have made the difference, but still it's a nice game to own.

  2.  Disappointing


    Not as immediate as previous two chapters. Card games are quite entertaining but the other ones are often too complex and hard to control via the stick.

  3.  Memories come back...


    What a great pack this is. The two best episodes of the saga put together and restyled. You can notice that the old Guybrush hasn't aged at all and the puzzles still thrill you until you solve them.
    Great the idea to swap between the old and the new look, so that you can see the changes or re-vive the sensations you had back-then.
    Just two bad notes to this great work. Both of them about the new version. First of all they could have put inside the games some videos, apart from the already existing clips. Possibly the decided to maintain the same gameplay, only modifying the external dress.. but still some new extras would have been appreciated.
    The second malus comes from the user interface. Surprisingly the new interaction method is worse than the old one. You have no more the list of verbs available at the bottom of the screen, but you have to call it pressing a key or, even worse, scrolling the mouse wheel. This is very uncomfortable and make the actions a bit more tricky. And you has not even the choice to maintain the old old interface in the new version. Pity. But luckily the whole thing is very brilliant and you can get accustomed to this, or perhaps you can play the old version instead...

  4.  PSB at their best


    If you expect a singer or band to lose some verve after 25 years, you are really wrong speaking of the PSB. This concert is a great show of their career. You can enjoy the 80's or 90's hits as they were released just now.
    What a show. A great mash-up work, where (almost) every single song was remixed or merged with another one (or more), all combined with a wonderful choreography. My only regret is that I couldn't be there, but I can enjoy it as many times as I wish with this DVD.
    If you are a fan, simply buy it. If you are not, watch it and see what shows are meant to be.

  5.  Stay a while... stay forever!!!


    Remakes are becoming very popular, lately. This one is just plain and loyal to the original. The gameplay is the same of the 1984, with new graphics and a smooth animation. The choice between three characters is just choreographic, since there are no practical differences between them. However the great lack of this game is the voice. Elvin Atombender Seems a 90yo drunk man forced to say things against his will. The result is just pathetic: you hardly understand what he's saying. This is even worse if you consider that 23 years ago the digitized voice came out from the C64 clear and (almost) polished. Anyway, a nice remake that will please all the nostalgic players. It could have been better with a decent digitized voice and a lower price.