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  1.  It's a Bug Hunt !!!


    DURATION: Not the longest game in the World but one of the most atmospheric ( awesome sound effects ) and waaaaaaaaaay longer than a COD campaign.
    Finished it in 4 days on average difficulty setting playing for 5 - 6 hours each day so you figure it out. Lots of replay value ie collecting signature weapons ( Sentry Guns, Hudson's Pulse Rifle, Drake's Smart Gun, etc ) PLUS Weapon Upgrades.
    MULTIPLAYER: Team Deathmatch, Horde, etc
    Hint: If you're an Alien, sneak and ambush like a proper Alien - Rush in and you're dead.
    GRAPHICS: True, not the best but certainly not the worst.
    As has been proved over the years Great graphics do not Great games make besides the Aliens are that fast and vicious you ain't got time to admire the scenery :)
    SUMMARY: If you fancy running round the Sulaco, Hadley's Hope and LV426 fighting off hordes of Xenomorphs then get this...... It's Game over Man !!!
    All in all a great game - 8/10

  2.  " CHOOT 'EM !!!! "


    Awesome Real Life series follows Cajun Hunters throughout the 1 month ' Gator huntin season, racing against time to kill and Tag as many 12 foot Monsters as they can.
    No catch and release here - these are Hunters who sell the carcasses to the highest bidder.
    Using baited lines, grapple hooks, shotguns and Rifles to get their prize.
    Awesome scenery, great characters and lots of explosive action this is a must see
    WARNING - Not for the easily offended or PC brigade

  3.  A Blast !!!


    Superb Graphics, Gameplay and Missions.
    Unlike sooooooo many Style over Content TItles, Borderlands really delivers - Hundreds of sub missions, Gorgeous visuals, loads of weapons.
    Added bonus, when you ( eventually ) complete the Main quest from then on all Enemies match your Skill Level so you can go play it all again, complete any sub missions you never attempted or just go on a Shooting spree and it's still a challenge :)

  4.  Bang Bang !!! You're dead !!!


    COD and MOH both excellent games
    COD = Arcade shooter
    MOH = Realistic shooter
    Multiplayer is fast and brutal. Run n Gun and you die. Simple as that.

  5.  Hooooowling Good Fun !!!


    Great effects, familiar story, good performances, very gothic.... What more do you need ??? Sit back and enjoy !!!

  6.  Brilliant


    Excellent effects and action sequences. Running time of 90 minutes BUT all action. Who wants extra 30 - 45 minutes of boring dialogue ??? Some reviewers say it lacks depth. What ??? It's a film about monsters and magic NOT Shakespeare. Put your brain into neutral and enjoy a real cracker!!!