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  1.  Sensational.


    If you purchase one film on Blu-Ray this year, PLEASE make it this one. This film cost $60 million more than the The Matrix the CGI is some of the best you will EVER see on screen.

    " In a dream state your subconscious defences are lowered, which make your thoughts vulnerable to theft. It's called EXTRACTION. - Arthur

  2.  Terrific


    I was really quite suprised about how good this film is. You read it and might think "oh god another cheesey romantic movie", but you are so wrong. Kirsten Dunst in particular was outstanding, her portrayal of a crazy out of control 17 year-old who is soft at heart and wants to do the right thing but needs guidance. Jay Hernandez deserves alot of credit too, his fresh face and charisma ooze out on screen, he proves he is a good actor. Basically get this film, i would be shocked if your dissapointed!!

  3.  Great film.


    This is a great movie, with plenty of jump in you seat moments & some twists which you will not see coming! Nicole Kidman is superb.

  4.  2 hours of my life...... i can't claim back.


    This film is very dissapointing, considering the cool cast and good director Michael Mann (Heat, Collateral). Nothing really happens and when something does happen it's too little too late. I have to agree with the earlier review, the accent by Farrel is appauling lol he got it all wrong. Basically avoid this film as it's pants and you will be bored out of your mind!

  5.  Perfection


    This film is mind-blowing an absolute classic! The acting particually by Edward Norton is incredible he really stepped up his game for this film. This film really makes you think hard about the world we live in and how racism is still a part of society. For any collector, it HAS to be in the collection.

  6.  Top film.


    This film is really really good, not sure how accurate the facts are but it sucks you in all the way through. For fans of hip-hop it's a must have i would probably give it the edge over 8mile. Also there was some philopsopy added to this film which really is quite thought provoking at times.